Personal Protection Tips

In many cases, it is possible to be safe in a violent community by adopting several changes to your lifestyle. As such, I am challenging you to adhere to as many Personal Protection Tips present in this gallery. Doing so may save your life.

For some, a few of these tips may seem to be common sense guidelines. However, as you may have heard, common sense isn't so common. Furthermore, what you may feel is common sense is really more akin to accumulated life experiences which everyone has not experienced.

Understanding The Crime Triangle
You Are Not Safe
The Winner's Mindset
Wherever You Are, Be There
Take A FREE Risk Assessment Diagnostic
Personal Safety Is Best Achieved With Good Decision Making
Elevate Active Awareness Up To Situational Awareness
Don't Dismiss Identified Potential Threats Too Quickly
Beware of Hidden Hands
Is Someone Following You?
Distance is Your Friend
Watch Your Six!
Always Leave Yourself A Way Out
Running Beats Freezing
Refuse To Be Abducted
Don't Take Unnecessary Risks
How Predictable Are You?
Take A Chill Pill And Keep It Moving
Practice Defense Through Visualization
There Is Increased Safety In Numbers
Trust Your Intuition About Potential Dangers
If You Hear Gunfire - Get Down!
Keep Your Cell Phone Handy & Charged
Always Keep Your Cell Phone Charged
Commit Key Phone Numbers To Memory

Ladies: Stop Carrying Purses
Drink Responsibly While Out On The Town
Don't Wear Gear That Obscures Your Vision
Don't Act Like A Tourist
Don't Count Cash in Public
Forgo Fatal Fashion Faux Pas
Beware of "Apple Pickers"
Broadcast Only Positive Body Language Cues
Add Bulletproof Clothing and Accessories to Your Wardrobe

Beware of Danger Online
Don't Advertise Your Vulnerability
Keep A Low Public Profile
Learn Weapon Disarming Technique
Avoid "Mean Mugging" Contests
Never Leave An Event With A Stranger
Beware Of Good Samaritans Returning Lost Items
Beware of Good Samaritan Stings
Don't Assume That Witnesses Will Come To Your Aid
There Is No Such Thing As A Fair Fight
Don't Take The "Date Bait"
A PPO Is Just A Piece Of Paper
Don't Associate With Known Criminals Or Violent People
Learn How To Recognize A Predator
Exercise Discretion About Your Personal Finances
Avoid Conducting Initial Business Meeting At A Private Residence
Never Have A "First Date" At A Private Residence
Look Before You Leap Into A New Relationship
Take Stalking Incidents Seriously
Limit Personal Info Published In Social Media
A Business Card Is Not Proper ID

Disable Vehicle Auto-Unlock Feature
Be Met By Friends and Family Upon Arrival
How To Lessen The Odds Of Being Attacked In Your Driveway
Secure Your Vehicle's Windows While On The Road
Check Your Vehicle's Back Seat
Is Your Vehicle Betraying You?
Beware of "Bump & Rob/Rape" Tactic
Billboards Are Distractions
Whenever Possible, Use Vehicle Valet Services
Always Combat Park Your Vehicle
Always Lock Your Vehicle's Doors
Beware of Sliders
Avoid Parking Your Vehicle In A Parking Structure
Maintain Mental Awareness At Gas Stations
Exercise Due Caution At Gas Stations And Parking Lots
Don't Watch Television At The Gas Station
Be On High Alert When In Parking Lots
Keep Your Vehicle In Good Operating Condition
Drivers Of Older Vehicles Are Potential Carjacking Victims
Purchase An AAA Road-Side Assistance Membership
Properly Plan Routes To Unfamiliar Destinations
Minimize Time Spent In A Parked Vehicle
Where Possible, Avoid Walking To Your Vehicle Alone
Don't Leave Your Running Vehicle Unattended

Don't Advertise Your Absence on Garbage Collection Day
Don't Facilitate an Invasion With Accessible Lawn Decorations
Maintain Your Property During The Winter Months
Consider Hiring A House-Sitter
Remotely Answer Your Front Door
Install and Use Peep-Holes on Exterior Doors
Cover Peep-Holes In Your Doors
Use Quality Deadbolt Locks On Exterior Doors
Upgrade Lock Striker Plates and Screws
Fortify Doors With Security Bars
Designate A "Safe-Room" For Your Home
Attach Appliances To Electrical Timers
Properly Secure Door Leading To Attached Garage
Properly Secure Garage Door Remote
Install Security Grills On Your Windows
Decommission "Doggy-Doors" To Home
Properly Maintain And UpKeep Your Real Property
Don't Hide Spare House Keys On The Premises
Upgrade Security To Basement Windows
Install Residential Security Shutters
Install Vent Locks On Double-Hung Windows
Prickly Plants Provide Passive Protection
Replace Crescent Locks On Double-Hung Windows
Properly Secure Sliding Doors With Anti-Lift Locks
Install A Fence That Does Not Sacrifice Security For Privacy
Have A Security Audit Performed On Your Home and Business
Enhance Casement Window Security By Removing Crank Handle
Deter "Bump Key Bandits" With Electronic Dead-Bolt Locks
Install Low Voltage Exterior Lighting System Around Your Home
Avoid Installing Glass Panes Along The Front Door's Periphery
Install A Video Surveillance System At Your Home And Business
Deactivate Milk Chutes
Get A Dog
Properly Secure Ladders On Your Premises
Strengthen Residential Windows With Fortifying Film
Don't Make Your Windows Function As Display Cases
Discreetly Dispose Of Major Appliance Delivery Boxes

Exercise Precaution On Home Service Calls
How Many Keys Do You Need To Carry?
Ensure House Address Numbers Are Visible
How Long Does It Take To Enter Your Residence?
Verify ID Of Unexpected Visitors
Attend Local Home And Builder's Shows For Security Ideas
Don't Allow Strangers To Piggy-Back Access To A Secured Facility
Don't Blindly Buzz People Into Your Apartment Complex
Always Lock Doors To Your Residence Upon Entering Or Leaving It
Thwart Home-Invasion Attempts
Never Enter A Burglarized Dwelling Until It's Been Cleared
Safely Respond To Unexpected Visitors To Thwart Burglary Attempts
Don't Drop Your Guard In Friendly Environs
Harden Children Against Pedophiles With "Code Words"

Personal Safety During Snow Emergencies
Never Leave A Drink Unattended
Run On Indoor Track
Launch A Preemptive Strike
Walk Against Flow of Traffic
Carry A Walking Stick
Add A Tactical Pen To Your EDC
Avoid Making Late-Night Beer Runs
Leave The Area When Trouble Appears
Judiciously Use Personal Banking Services
Avoid Criticizing And Confronting Strangers
Don't Patronize Businesses With Loiterers On The Premises
Stay Out Of "Pistol-FREE Zones"
Remember Where You Parked Your Vehicle
Never Be Somewhere You Don't Have A Legal Right To Be
Always Keep An Eye On Entrances And Exits
Approach Blind Corners With Due Caution
Refuse To Perform Unsafe Work Duties On The Job
Exercise Due Caution With PanHandlers
Check To Ensure Hospitality Windows Are Locked
Allowing A Frisk Offers No Certainty of Safety
A Mirror Is Your Friend

Is Your Small Business An Obvious Target For A Robbery?

Consider Moving To A Safer Neighborhood
Your Chosen Profession Can Lead To Your Victimization
Maintain Unoccupied Properties In Your Community
Start A Neighborhood Watch Program In Your Community
Only Vote For Candidates Who Support Community Safety
Critically Watch Daily TV Newscasts
Enroll In A Red Cross First Responder Class
Learn The Difference Between Cover And Concealment
Verify Credibility Of Self-Defense Advice Before Using It
Create A Tailored Personal Protection Plan
Learn Michigan Self-Defense Law From A Credible Authority
Know The Difference Between Personal Protection And Self-Defense
Think Outside The Box About Self-Defense Options
Don't Over-Estimate Effectiveness of Civilian Pepper-Spray Products
Defensive Firearm As Force Disparity Equalizer
A Michigan Concealed Pistol License is an Indispensable Tool

Shooting A Shotgun From Your Balcony
Shooting A Firearm Through A Closed Door
Discourage Sexual Assaults With An "Anti-Rape Face"
Complying Is The Safest Response To An Attack
Have A Vehicle Trunk Escape Plan
If You Have To Shoot Someone Drag Them Into Your House

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