Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Director Ector - Bill Frady's Lock n Load - Everything You Need to Know About Knives and Self-Defense - Episode 2853

Director Rick Ector appears on Bill Frady's Lock n Load - Everything You Need to Know About Knives and Self-Defense 
Episode 2853 - January 30, 2024

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

How NRA Firearms Instructor Rick Ector Was Robbed In His Own Driveway - Part 7

How NRA Firearms Instructor Rick Ector Was Robbed In His Own Driveway - Part 7

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With One Step – Gun Ownership

Anyhow, after filing the crime report at my not-so-local neighborhood police station, I headed downtown to acquire a “Ten Day Purchase Permit.” The Gun Licensing Department ran my background to see if I had any official governmental prohibitions – felonies – against owning a firearm. 

Of course, the check came back clean so I was issued the permit. I was now able to legally buy a gun within the next ten days. If I had failed to do so (buy a gun), I would have to come back downtown to repeat the process.

Next, I went to a local gun shop without haste and bought my first handgun. I didn’t let the ominous signs – warning customers against pulling out guns because they might get shot – or the fact that all of the gun shop employees were openly carrying their guns on their hips, deter me. I had no idea of what to buy, so I bought the same gun that my brother-in-law owned. 

“If it was good enough for him, it must be good enough for me,” I reasoned. I didn’t originally plan on spending several hundreds of dollars on my purchase, but my first and only thought was to buy the best gun I could “afford” even if a few utility bills didn’t get paid on time that month. My life and safety were worth a ding or two on my credit report.

In retrospect, the gun dealer didn’t offer me a lot of informed customer service. To his credit, maybe he assumed, that since I was a guy, that I knew what I wanted. In fact, I didn’t know much of anything. 

My ignorance was my fault. The dealer’s fault was not asking me enough questions to allow him to best assess my needs. However, his insensitivity did not stop him from also suggesting additional purchases: jacketed hollow points and an inside-the-waist (IWB) holster.

(To be continued)

Monday, January 29, 2024

How NRA Firearms Instructor Rick Ector Was Robbed In His Own Driveway - Part 6

How NRA Firearms Instructor Rick Ector Was Robbed In His Own Driveway - Part 6

I never bothered to research the facts on gun ownership for myself. I left that task up to other people to educate me through the media via so-called factoid public service announcements, speeches from various governmental officials who enact “feel good” legislation that doesn’t work or conduct gun “buy-backs” that can’t be objectively evaluated for effectiveness, and barbershop talk with many people in my community who discuss their feelings about guns rather than the honest-to-God facts. 

My problem was that I allowed others to do my thinking for me on the subject of guns. I have since “in-sourced” that function back to the person I trust the most: me.

Everybody Knows Everything Until Something Happens

Well, something did “happen” to me – I was robbed in my own back yard while parking my car in my garage. Prior to this event, I did not see myself as a potential victim. I have always been able to “hold my own and handle my business” whenever I needed to do so throughout my life. 

The mere idea that someone would have the audacity to size me up as a victim never crossed my mind. A gun in the hands of violent predators, who have no qualms about using violence or the threat of violence to accomplish their evil purposes, changes the natural order of the food chain. I then knew that I needed to make a few changes.

Consequently, I then chose to get on the playing field. To my surprise, I have been warmly greeted by the pro gun rights side and have been consequently shunned by the “guns are evil” side. Making the decision to own a firearm makes you a gun nut in the eyes of many ignorant people. 

The uninformed and unenlightened folk will treat you differently and are prone to making snide comments about you. They’ll either tell you that they don’t “need” a gun because of where they live or they’ll demonstrate some Kung Fu disarmament moves they learned from playing Tekken on their PlayStation2 video game console. 

They couldn’t possibly be more wrong. However, I’ll patiently wait until “something” happens to them and I’ll forget and forgive all of the ignorant things that they said and welcome them to the correct side. 

(To be continued)

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Vote Rick Ector to be Re-Elected to the NRA Board of Directors!

 Rick Ector for NRA Board of Director

Vote for me to be re-elected to the NRA Board of Directors - Rick Ector

Ballots will be in your designated NRA March magaine next month! True story.
#EctorForDirector #Ector4Director #dirEctor

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Rick Ector on Gun Owners News Hour With Bill Frady - Winter Survival Tips

Personal Protection is an every day job. It gets tougher to stay safe in the winter. Listen to the show to get some tips for coping with crime during the winter.

Gun Owners News Hour with Bill Frady

January 27, 2024
"Personal Protection During Winter"

How NRA Firearms Instructor Rick Ector Was Robbed In His Own Driveway - Part 5

How NRA Firearms Instructor Rick Ector Was Robbed In His Own Driveway - Part 5

I Guess I Watch Too Much T.V.

Most crimes, if reported at all, are never solved. No one seems to care too much unless there is a dead body associated with the crime. Even then, it seems that unless the outrage from the community is great, nothing ever comes of it. 

Did the police ever solve the murder of that woman whose body was discovered downtown on the morning of the Super Bowl?

After I spilled my guts to the detective, I inquired about the process of receiving a CPL. His reaction was not pleasant. He didn’t do or say anything offensive, but he dismissed my desire to take more responsibility for more personal safety as “contributing to the problem.” Anyhow, he told me to go to police headquarters and that the info I sought could be found there.

First Step To Recovery Is Admitting That You Have A Problem

Many people, such as the person who I used to be, stand on the sidelines of the Second Amendment/gun ownership game until something adverse “happens” to them or to someone they know and value. Personally, I never had a “perceived” need for a handgun; I had previously viewed owning a gun as a novelty and perhaps a waste of hard earned cash. 

I had bought into all of the misleading anti-gun propaganda being spewed vociferously by various people and “special interests” with hidden agendas.

(To be continued)

Friday, January 26, 2024

How NRA Firearms Instructor Rick Ector Was Robbed In His Own Driveway - Part 4

Invariably, everyone who I talked to found it within themselves to, in one way or another, blame me for the crime. Somehow, my victimization was my fault for not being aware of my environment in my backyard, not being inside when it was dark outside, and not having left Detroit for the suburbs several years ago.

Furthermore, I had to make several attempts to file a crime report with the respective detective for the case because he was on vacation and no one seemed to know when he would be back. I felt victimized all over again. Here I am – a crime victim – wanting to do whatever to help the police to find my assailants and they were making petty arguments between themselves over who gets to file the paperwork.
The Police Don’t Really Care About You Being Victimized
Never mind that the old neighborhood precinct was shuttered some time ago when the police department consolidated and that I had to travel a considerable distance to continually drop in and try to find the respective detective. On several occasions, I thought about not bothering to follow through with the process, however, I thought that my report might somehow make a difference for someone else. Maybe – just maybe – someone wouldn’t experience the trespass I experienced because my criminal report made someone in the police department do something about it: increased patrols of the area, interviews with known suspects, put together a criminal line-up, or something. Anything.
When I did finally catch up with the appropriate officer, he performed his role of investigator admirably but neither he nor his colleagues were around when I needed them most – at the robbery scene. I spent about an hour giving the detective all of the details of the crime I could recall and muster – several days after the occurrence, however small, in an effort that might reveal a pattern which might suggest known suspects to the officer.
(To be continued)

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Director Ector on Bill Frady's Lock n Load Episode 2843 - Rendering Aid to Your Attacker Afterwards

Director Ector on Bill Frady's Lock n Load Episode 2843 - Rendering Aid to Your Attacker Afterwards
January 16, 2024

Director Ector on Bill Frady's "Lock n Load" Episode 2839 - Selecting the Best Defensive Fiream for New Gun Owners

Director Ector on Bill Frady's Lock n Load Episode 2839 - How to buy the Best Noisemaker for the First-Time Buyer
January 11, 2024

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Rick Ector Makes An Endorsement for National Rifle Association Executive Vice-President!

 To my fellow NRA Board Members:

I am declaring my support for Wade Callender to be nominated and confirmed as NRA Executive Vice-President (EVP).
As Deputy Director and General @Counsel of NRA-ILA, he had a key and pivotal role in the historic "New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen Case."
In addition, Wade utilized his financial acumen, as an MBA grad, to realize significant cost savings at NRA-ILA.
I have had the honor of knowing Wade for a few years. He is qualified to do the job and has the requisite experience. He is an honorable guy, a straight-shooter, and a decent marksman. In conclusion, I am confident that he will well serve the NRA as EVP.
If you have any questions about my endorsement and/or would be willing for me to facilitate a conversation with you and him, contact me.
Rick Ector
Fellow Member - NRA Board of Directors
NRA Training Counselor, CRSO, and Certified Instructor

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Director Ector on Bill Frady's Lock n Load Episode 2833 - Legally Flying with your Personal Protection Device - 1/2/2024

Director Ector appears on Bill Frady's "Lock n Load" to address how to legally fly on a commercial flight with your personal protection device.
Air date: January 2, 2024.