Sunday, September 18, 2011

Name That Firearm Safety Violation: Jack Burton

In the following photo, which fundamental firearm safety rules, if any, are being violated?

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Detroit Senior Citizens Are Fighting Back Against Violent Crime With Firearms

It is widely believed that senior citizens are prized and coveted targets of violent predators. Robbers, rapists, and home invaders frequently select them for victimization because they are older, less mobile, and are less likely to be able to mount a successful defense. However, recent reports in the media have shown that there are senior citizens in our community who are quite capable and willing to use firearms as equalizers to be safe.

Yesterday, it was reported in the Detroit Free Press Newspaper that an unidentified 88 year-old man with a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) successfully mounted a defense against an armed assailant. The attack happened during broad daylight at a local Detroit animal cruelty shelter. The bad guy was killed and no other injuries were reported.

Earlier this month, a 70 year-old woman Detroit surprised two men who invaded her west-side home. She fired her firearm multiple times at the invaders who compromised a window. It was not known whether any of the predators were injured. The homeowner did not suffer any injuries.

In August of this year, it was reported in the local media that an unidentified retired cop with a CPL exchanged gunfire with an armed assailant during a brazen day-time robbery of of a west-side McDonald's restaurant in Detroit. The bad guy was killed and no other injuries were reported.

In June of this year, it was reported in the local media that an 81 year-old man with a CPL defended himself with a handgun against a carjacking attempt during broad daylight at a post office in Detroit. It was not certain at the time whether the bad guy was struck but the armed senior was injured in the assault and was expected to recover.

These aforementioned stories are important and significant because they dispel false rumors, widely circulated in the law enforcement community, that ordinary (i.e. non-cops) armed citizens can't repel attacks from violent criminals. Furthermore, they destroy the perception that senior citizens are helpless and are incapable of defending themselves.

The truth is abundantly clear - firearms are a great equalizer for citizens to utilize against threats. The aforementioned stories clearly illustrate how the elderly can defend themselves against the young, how the single citizen can defend himself against multiple attackers, and how non-cops can effectively stop predators.

Moreover, these stories also have an important message for Detroit residents who aren't senior citizens: If our older residents can safely and effectively use a firearm for self-defense, then so can you.

If you wish to exercise more involvement in your personal safety, the very first step you need to take is to believe that it is possible. Sometimes, all it takes to believe that you are capable of some specific task - like personal protection - is see documented evidence of others who have already done the task that you wish to perform.

The aforementioned examples prove that firearm-based self-defense is possible. Hence, now you can sufficiently embolden yourself to explore options at your disposal that will enable you to be more safe from violent crime. One such option, is buying a handgun and learning how to use it.

Taking a state of Michigan compliant Concealed Pistol License (CPL) is an excellent starting point. After doing so, you will have learned basic fundamental firearm safety rules, handgun handling skills, handgun buying considerations, and the laws in Michigan that address lethal force and self-defense.

You have nothing to lose. Refuse to be a victim. Get trained and be safe.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Next Detroit Michigan CCW CPL Class: Saturday, September 24th, 2011

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Last Media Appearance: Fox News Detroit's "Let It Rip" - September 15th

This past Thursday, I was an in-studio guest on a local TV talk show: "Let It Rip." I was joined on the panel with Huel Perkins, Charlie Langton, Charlie LeDuff, and John Bennet. The topic of the segment was a discussion about whether a local security was justified in shooting and killing an alleged copper thief.

Check out the video and leave me your feedback:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Legally Armed In Detroit (L.A.I.D.) Second Annual Picnic Recap

This past Sunday, August 28th, Legally Armed In Detroit (LAID) held its second annual Open Carry Picnic at Belle Isle Park. Rick Ector, owner of the LAID blog, had previously predicted that at least 100 armed citizens would be in attendance - in total - throughout the day. His estimate was accurate; the picnic was well attended beyond the predicted estimate.

The high water mark for attendance was around the 3:00pm hour. A steady stream of picnic-goers arrived and departed throughout the day. The picnic's hours of operation was from 10:00am through 8:00pm. The relatively long length of the affair (10 hours) afforded all who wanted to attend an opportunity to be there. 

Overall, the picnic was an awesome affair. The weather was perfect and the shelter provided a comfortable environment for fun. Attendees discussed open carry related topics, played cards, tossed horseshoes, and barbecued food on the grill.

As expected, there were no incidents. Our event was peaceful and fun. The local cops dropped by only once to tell the organizers to move their cars. Of course, the vehicles were only there because the picnic site was trashed before the event started. The cops were told that as soon as we could clean up the mess, the cars would be unloaded and moved.

Also, I had an opportunity to talk with the Park Manager to complain about the shelter's condition when we first arrived. He apologized and explained that vagrants and drug addicts "probably" turned over all of the trash cans to look for bottles with redeemable deposits. The explanation was plausible but I still didn't appreciate having to clean up the mess.

The main goals of the picnic were to exercise our right to keep and bear arms and to educate the public about the legality of Open Carry in both the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit. However, I have now added a new goal - to provide a venue for firearms enthusiasts to congregate and fellowship.

Each Open Carry outing provides an opportunity to see others who share our lifestyle - lawfully armed citizens. Many familiar faces were present during the day. Those persons almost never miss our events. They are truly the folks who encourage me by their mere presence and validate my activities - such as this picnic.

Alternatively, these outings also draw new friends "into the fold." For example, I finally met some "Facebook friends" with whom I had "known" for quite some time but never had actually met. Also, I met some people on Sunday with whom I had never had the opportunity to have prior contact. They heard about the event in the media and felt a strong desire to show up. I'm glad they came; I made some new friends.

Our picnic received a good amount of local publicity. Our event was covered by the following: Fox2 News Detroit, The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, and WWJ-950AM. I have seen most of the mainstream media accounts of our affair and don't have many complaints. I consider it a victory if the story is balanced and does not characterize us as "gun nuts" who don't get out much.

Check out a video slideshow of the activities at the picnic:

If you don't see an embedded video above, visit our channel on Youtube.

If you were among the scores of people who RSVP'd on our Facebook Page but didn't make it out the event, you missed out. Big time.

Personally, I had many highlights at the picnic. However, if I had to single out just one experience it would be meeting the brother and sister of the late General Laney. In just a short period of time, I learned a ton about Michigan gun rights history. I will continue to pursue a friendship with the Laney family. They have much to say that needs to be heard before this piece of our history is lost. Stay tuned.

If you desire to learn more about either Open Carry in Detroit or CCW Classes in Michigan, please contact us:

Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit
Phone: 313.733.7404