FAQs - Ask The Michigan Firearms Instructor

Can CPL-Holders Defend Strangers With Lethal Force?
When Do I Have A Duty To Retreat?
How Badly Do I Need To Be Attacked Before Shooting?
Can You Legally Shoot A Carjacker Seven Times?
Can You Legally Shoot A Car Thief?
Can I Discharge My Firearm At An Attacking Dog?
When Can I Use Lethal Force At A Knife-Wielding Threat?
Is It Wrong To Shoot A Home-Invader If I Had A Few Alcoholic Drinks?
Can You Legally Defend The Life Of Someone Other Than Yourself?
Can You Suggest Informational Resources On The Michigan TASER Law?
Does Your Life Have To Be In Imminent Danger Before Using A TASER?
How Long Can The Police Keep Your Firearm After A Shooting Has Been Ruled Justified?
Can A Private Citizen Effect A Lawful Arrest Of A Suspect In Michigan?
Should I Talk To The Police?

How Often Should I Clean My Handgun?
Who Do You Endorse For FFL Transfers?
Are There Any Places Where I Can Have My Firearm Cleaned?
Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Handgun At A Good Price?
At What Distance Should Laser Sights Be Calibrated?
What Should I Do If I Find A Firearm?
Can I Register My Recently Modified 28 Inch Rifle As A Handgun In Michigan?
Can Ammunition Expire?
Where Can I Purchase .45 Rounds For Target Practice?
At What Age Can A Person Be Issued A Permit To Purchase A Handgun in Michigan?
How Do You Register A Used Pistol Purchase Bought At A Private Sale?

Should Children Be Taught Firearm Safety?
What Do I Need To Do To Legally Have A Firearm In My Michigan Home?
Do You Believe A Dog Will Prevent Robbers From Breaking Into Your Home?

How Does One Legally Sell A Long Gun In Michigan?
How Soon Can I Sell A Purchased Handgun?
How Do I Legally Give One of My Handguns To My Daughter?
Does Michigan Require Registration of Curio and Relic Handguns?
How Do I Register A Firearm I Inherited From A Deceased Relative?
Can A Person Buy Firearms At A Gun Buy-Back Without A CPL?
How Can A CPL-Holder Legally Swap A Handgun With A Person Without A CPL?
How Can I Legally Take Possession Of A Handgun From A Relative In Another State?
Could Failing To Register To Handgun Within 10 Days Have A Negative Effect On A Person's CPL?

Can You Legally Carry AR-15s Into Detroit Strip Clubs?
Can I Carry In A Bank?
Can I Carry My Handgun At The Detroit Fireworks At Hart Plaza?
Do You Know If Greenfield Village Has A Weapons Policy?
Can I Carry A Firearm In A Mall While Shopping?
Can I Carry My Handgun At Chene Park?
Can I Carry A Handgun At A Municipal Park During A Midget League Baseball Game?
Is The Sign Banning Concealed Weapons at the Hart Plaza Motor City Pride Festival Valid?
Am I Required To Disclose My Firearm When Visiting Family and Friends?
Can You Carry Firearms In National Parks In The State Of Michigan?
Can The City Of Southfield Ban Guns In Its Municipal Nature Walk Park?
Can A Teacher With A CPL Keep A Handgun In Her Car While Working?
Are Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officers Allowed Into The Fox Theater While Armed?
Can You Carry A Handgun Into A US Post Office If You Have A Michigan Concealed Pistol License?
Can I Legally Carry A Displayed Pistol While Riding My Bicycle On School Property?
Can You Carry A Pistol At A Festival Or At A Fair?
Is A Funeral Home Considered A Place Of Worship?
Can You Carry A Firearm Into A Secretary of State Office?
Can A Person Legally Conceal Carry A Firearm In A Doctor's Office That Is Not In A Hospital?
Can I Legally Carry A Handgun At The Detroit Zoo?
Are Royal Oak, Michigan Restaurants Gun-FREE Zones?
Can You Conceal Carry In A Bar If The Owner Gives Permission?
Can A CPL-Holder Accompany His Kids At Their School's Playground If He Open Carries?
Can I Take My Firearm With Me In Michigan To Vote If My Polling Station Is In A School?
Is It Unlawful To Carry A Handgun In A School (K-12)?
Can You Carry A Handgun In A Bank Or A Credit Union?
Can I Conceal Carry At "The Fillmore" In Detroit?
Can I Leave My Firearm In My Vehicle In My Employer's Parking Lot?
Are Michigan Police Stations Gun FREE Zones?
Are Movie Theaters Pistol-FREE Zones In Michigan?
Can I Conceal Carry Into A Public Library With A CPL?
Is It Legal To Walk On A School's Outdoor Track While Carrying A Firearm?
Is It A Crime To Conceal Carry In A Private Business With A "No Guns Allowed" Sign?
In Michigan, Can You Conceal Carry In A Restaurant That Serves Alcohol?
Can You Conceal Carry With A CPL In A Michigan Convenience Store That Sells Alcoholic Drinks?
Is The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit a Pistol Free Zone?

Do Michigan and Ohio Have Identical Handgun Carry Laws?
What are The Best Sources Of Info On CPL And Travel?
Am I Allowed To Carry In Ohio With A Michigan CPL?
Can I Fly With My Gun On A Planned Trip To Disney World?
How Much Of A Hassle Is It To Travel To Las Vegas With A Firearm?
Will New Jersey And New York Ever Recognize Michigan's CPL?
Which US States Recognize Michigan's CPL?
Can You Carry Your Firearm While Visiting Canada?
Can I Travel To Chicago With My Firearm Under My CPL?
Do You Have Any Advice For Traveling Out Of State With A Firearm?

How To Use A Public Restroom While Armed
Are Certain Ammunition Cartridges Prohibited?
Should My Gun Have A Safety?
Should My Pistol Chamber Be Empty?
Is Disclosure Required On A Lake?
What Is The Legal Definition Of A Police Officer?
Do I Need A License To Carry A Vietnam Era SKS Rifle?
Does Michigan Recognize Constitutional Carry?
Are Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) Ammunition Rounds Legal For Civilians In Michigan?
Should A Handgun Carried For Self-Defense Have A Round In The Chamber?
If A CPL-Holder Accidentally Exposes His Concealed Firearm, Is He Brandishing?
Do I Have To Tell Every Officer I See That I Am Concealed Carrying A Handgun?
With A CPL Can You Conceal Carry A Handgun In Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, and Westland?
Is It Acceptable For A Disabled Person To Carry A Firearm For Personal Protection?
Are CPL-Holders Required To Possess Their Pistol Registrations When Carrying Their Guns?
What Handgun Caliber Size Do You Suggest For New Women Shooters?
Is It Unlawful For Me To Conceal Carry My Firearm While In The Presence Of A Felon?
What Is The Allowable Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) While Carrying.A Firearm?
Will I Get Into Trouble If My Lawfully Carried Pistol "Prints" Through My Clothing?
Does Your Handgun Have to Either Be Completely Open Carried or Completely Concealed?
How Many Guns Can You Carry With A CPL?
Can You Vote While Armed In Michigan?

Can I Legally Carry A Three Inch Knife In A Case On My Waistband?
While Open Carrying Am I Still Required To Disclose That I Have A CPL?
If You Get A CPL, Can You Still Legally Open Carry In Michigan?
Is It Too Dangerous To Open Carry A Handgun?
Can A Business Owner Ban Open Carry On His Property?
If You Carry A Pistol in Your Hand To Your Front Door, Is That Brandishing?

Do You Know A Great Firearms Attorney/Lawyer?
Should I Purchase An FN57 As A Defensive Firearm?
Can You Recommend A Good Quality .380 Caliber Handgun?
Is It True That S&W M&P Handguns Jam A Lot?
What Do You Think About The Ruger SR9C?
Can You Recommend A Las Vegas, NV Firearms Trainer?
Can You Recommend A Good Firearm Safety Trainer In The TN Area?

Do I Need To Disclose My CPL Status In A Stopped Vehicle As A Passenger?
How To Legally Transport A Handgun In A Vehicle In The State of Michigan?
Can I Carry My Firearm With A CPL In My Boat On The Michigan Waters?
Is It Legal For My Friend To Carry A Handgun In My Vehicle If I Have A CPL?
What Is The Legal And Proper Way To Transport A Long Gun In Michigan?

Do I Need To Own A Handgun Before Taking The Concealed Pistol License Class?
Should I Buy A Handgun Before Taking The Michigan CPL Class?
Can I Take The Concealed Pistol License Class Before My 21rst Birthday?
What Is The Total Financial Cost To Start Lawfully Protecting Yourself With A CPL In Michigan?
What Is The Difference Between A Michigan CCW And A Michigan CPL?

Is Dyslexia A Mental Illness That Can Disqualify A CPL Application?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A CCW In Michigan?
Will An Expired PPO Disqualify My CPL Application?
What Should I Do If A Vindictive Spouse Files A PPO To Suspend My CPL?
How Soon After A Domestic Violence Conviction Can A Person Qualify For A CPL?
Will A 10 Year Old Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Conviction Disqualify My CPL Application?
Can I Get A CPL With A 15 Year-Old Domestic Violence Conviction?
Can You Be Issued A Michigan CPL Without Having A Driver's License?
Can A Resident Alien Buy A Handgun And Be Issued A CPL?
Will An Afghan Vet Diagnosed With Minor PTSD Be Denied A Michigan CPL?
What Mental Health Issues Will Disqualify An Applicant For A Michigan CPL?
If I Apply For A Michigan CPL, Will Everyone In My Household Be Subjected To A Background Check?
How Long Will A "Driving Under The Influence" Conviction Disqualify One From Getting A CPL?
Can A Person Receive Both A CPL And A Medical Marijuana License?
Can A Person With An Expunged Felony Qualify For A Michigan CPL?
How Much Residency Is Needed Before A Person Can Apply For A Michigan Concealed Pistol License?

Will I Receive My License To Carry On The Same Day As The Class?
How Early In Advance Should I Apply For A Michigan Concealed Pistol License Renewal?
How Do You Change Your Name On A CPL After A Marriage?
How Long Will It Take For My County Clerk's Office To Process My CPL Application?
How Do I Get A Replacement For My Damaged Michigan Concealed Pistol License?
How Can I Check On The Status Of My Michigan CPL Application Submission?
How Much Does It Cost To Renew A CPL?
How Long Does It Take For My CPL Application To Be Processed?
How Can I Contest A CPL Rejection Letter That Didn't Specify A Disqualifying Reason?
Where Do I Submit My Completed CPL Application?
How To Renew A Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CCW/CPL)?

Can A Person With A CPL Carry A TASER?
Can A Person With A Michigan CPL Borrow And Carry Another Person's Pistol?
Can A Person With A CPL Legally Conceal Carry A Stun Gun?

How To Beat Being Cross-Eyed Dominant While Shooting?
Will Factory Reloaded Ammunition Cause My Handgun To Malfunction?
Is It Wrong To Shoot A Pistol One-Handed At An Indoor Gun Range?
Which Metro-Detroit Gun Ranges Allow Steel Cased Ammunition?
Do You Mention Hand Cream Usage As A Training Issue?

Were The Gun Laws Changed Because Of The Black Panthers?

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You are strongly encouraged to not only conduct your own independent research but to also consult with a competent and qualified attorney before acting upon any information in this article. Laws covering self-defense, lethal force, firearms, and the Michigan Concealed Pistol License and their enforcement are always subject to change due to laws being amended, politics conducted in the Prosecutor's Office, and election results at all levels of government. Ignorance of the law, legally speaking, is not a valid excuse for running afoul of it. The penalties and fines imposed upon violators of firearms related offenses are stiff and severe.

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