Monday, November 8, 2010

Michigan Open-Carry Seminar Recap

This past Saturday afternoon I attended a FREE Open-Carry seminar in Utica, Michigan. It was sponsored by those great guys and gals at Michigan Open Carry, Inc. The seminar was hosted without charge by Gander Mountain.

The express purpose of this seminar was to inform and educate members of the community about Open-Carry in Michigan. Some of the items covered in this informative session included, but was not limited to, the following:

- The Legality Of Open-Carry In Michigan
- How To Legally Open Carry In Michigan Without A Permit
- Pistol-FREE Zones When Carrying A Firearm Openly
- Suggestions On How To Handle Inquiries By Law Enforement
- Myths About Open Carry In Michigan
- Issues When Open Carrying By A Person With A CPL

The session ran about an hour in length and was well attended.

I have long considered whether to host an Open Carry seminar in Detroit. After having attended this session, I am encouraged. I have fielded a lot of questions about the legality of Open Carry in Michigan throughout the past four years I've been teaching firearm safety and now feel that the time is right to make a concerted effort to push this info out to residents of the city of Detroit.

After the seminar, about 10 of us headed over to a local pizza eatery to fellowship. We hit a small snag when the manager of the establishment asked us to disarm. He had some concerns about small children being frightened at the sight of our arms, as he runs a "family friendly environment." After some discussion and debate, he relented and us to patronize his establishment.

Some time later, he came over and apologized for his previous position. He admitted that he was ignorant about the legality of Open Carry in Michigan. In fact, he passed out FREE meal vouchers as a goodwill gesture.

In the end, we not only informed the public about Open Carry at the seminar but we also put our theory into actual practice in the community. We educated the public at-large of the legality of Open Carry and that was the whole point of the day. This day was a good day.

Would you attend an Open Carry seminar in Detroit?
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