Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Personal Protection Tip: Always Lock The Doors To Your Residence Upon Entering Or Leaving It

Personal Protection Tip: One way to enhance personal safety at home is to always lock the doors to your residence whenever you enter or leave. Many people are seduced by the relative tranquility of their quiet suburban communities. As a consequence, they fail to exercise the first rule of home safety - securing their home.

Make no mistake - violent crime can happen anywhere without a moment's notice. And when it does, you can count on viewing the faces of stunned neighbors on the nightly newscast stating the "nothing like that ever happens around here."

Today's tip literally comes from the local news headlines. You see, a Michigan couple was startled last night by a man, rumored to be under suspicion of being drunk, who presumably entered the wrong house. In fact, he actually got into bed with the sleeping couple which caused them to vacate their own residence and to call the local authorities.
In the end, the home invader was arrested and charged with a litany of offenses. However, it also very likely that crime could have been prevented had the homeowners simply locked their doors. This incident could also have ended with more dire consequences. Instead, a local couple learned a lesson and maybe someone will get some help for an apparent drinking problem.
Lock your doors.

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