Friday, May 17, 2013

Rick Ector Slams Bob Ficano's "Weapon Surrender Event" on the Michael Cohen Show (WILS)

Earlier this evening, I made a live appearance on the WILS Radio Network's (1320 AM)"Michael Cohen Show." I gave several reasons why Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano's Law Enforcement Firearm Transfer (LEFT) was nothing more than a gloried dog and pony show.

To start, these events mislead an uninformed public. The promoters say that these firearms buying events will lower crime. That statement is patently false. Our very own government states that they are built on a faulty premise and no evidence exists anywhere that proves that violent gun crime is reduced in the aftermath.
Michael Cohen Show - 1320 AM

In addition, these programs lack transparency. If a stolen car is recovered, the police make sure you get it back. It remains to be seen if that happens with guns. It is not our job to need to trust that government will do the right thing.

They are supposed to do the right thing transparently. It would take almost zero effort to publish model and serial numbers of recovered firearms on the Internet. Why aren't they doing that? A couple of years ago, an elderly women brought in a Civil War era pistol. I doubt very seriously that it was destroyed.

Furthermore, these events encourage bad guys to steal even more guns and possible evidence used in crimes will be destroyed because the law enforcement agencies involved will not be asking any questions. These LEFTs stink to high heaven.

The hear my interview, listen to the below enbedded player:

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