Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fact Check: The NRA Is Not Limited To Just Old Fat White Guys - Check Out The Black Guys

Rick Ector, Kenn Blanchard, and Colion Noir
It seems like every year right after an NRA Annual Meeting, at least one well known blogger or news media personality erroneously decries that only OFWGs (Old Fat White Guys) are members of the NRA. I'll call out the transgressors in another post later.

However, those of us who are actually members of the NRA, we already know that the aforementioned statement is patently false.

In fact, at this past Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas, there were three black guys in attendance who are not only active NRA members, but are all also fairly well known nationally in the gun community and throughout social media: Kenn Blanchard, Colion Noir, and myself (Rick Ector).

The following picture, is a Photo-shopped image of the three of us while paying homage to the 1970's blacksploitation flick - Three The Hard Way. Kenn Blanchard wrote about it on his blog in a post entitled: Black in the NRA.     

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