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Michigan Personal Protection Tips: Maintain Unoccupied Homes In Your Neighborhood

Michigan Personal Protection Tips: Maintain Unoccupied Homes In Your Neighborhood

One way of keeping bad guys out of your neighborhood is to organize folks in your community to upkeep the property of unoccupied homes.

In a perfect world, the owner of the property would either properly maintain his property or the local unit of government would do so and charge him a cleaning fee or a fine.

Tending to a neglected property is a benefit to community, as a crime preventive measure. Bad guys routinely cruise the city's neighborhoods looking for homes to invade, burglarize, and scrap down to the frame.

If a property gets vandalized such that windows and doors are stolen, the home becomes not only an eye-sore for the community but many crimes could ultimately be committed on its premises: drug dealing, drug use, prostitution, dumping, and dead body disposal.

The solution is to remove the bait: uncut lawns and uncut bushes. Moreover, another benefit is that the home could be sold faster is it is being properly maintained and a solid family of tax paying citizens would be added to the community.

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