Saturday, February 22, 2020

Plans Are Proceeding Nicely For This Year's FREE Shooting Event For Women!

Plans are well underway to make this year's women's FREE shooting event the biggest and best ever! Had a great conference call with a couple of Committee Chairs today! I am stoked at how well things are proceeding!

Ladies, join this event page!! NOW!

FAQ: Is It Too Late To Nominate Rick Ector for NRA Training Counselor of the Year?

FAQ: Is it too late to nominate you for the NRA Training Counselor of the Year Award?

The deadline has officially passed, BUT the submission page is still live and is still accepting entries. THUSLY, if you still want to support me, submit your vote NOW!

Vote for me at the following URL:

My name is Rick Ector from Detroit, MI and I am a NRA Training Counselor.

Thank you!

Friday, February 21, 2020

Less Than An Hour Left To Vote Rick Ector As NRA Training Counselor of The Year! Vote Now!

Only just less than one hour left to vote me (Rick Ector) as the NRA Training Counselor of the Year! I am based in Detroit, MI where I will give 1,000 women a free shooting lesson - in one day! Vote for me at:

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Vote Rick Ector for National Rifle Association Training Counselor of the Year!

Please nominate for NRA TC of the year! Follow the enclosed link and enter the following info: Rick Ector, Training Counselor, Detroit, MI. Thank you!

Vote Rick Ector of Detroit, MI as NRA Training Counselor of the Year!

 Vote Rick Ector as NRA TC of the Year!

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Vote for me as a TC! Why? Because I plan teach 1,000 women how to shoot in one day!
Pass this on to all the gun groups all over the country! Do it now!
The NRA Education and Training division is seeking nominations for NRA Trainer of the Year awards. The categories are Training Counselor, Instructor, National Coach Development Staff, and Coach.
If there is an NRA Trainer that you believe is a wonderful ambassador of the NRA and our training programs, please submit your nomination at no later than February 21, 2020