Thursday, July 4, 2013

Michigan Personal Protection Tip: Upgrade Security of Basement Windows

Michigan Personal Protection Tips: Upgrade Security of Basement Windows.

Basement windows are a favorite target of home invaders because they are at ground level, are often obscured by shrubbery, are not illuminated by outdoor lighting, and are usually composed of regular glass in a wooden frame. These windows should be upgraded to deter unwanted access. 

One option, exercised by some, is to have a mason fill in the window with bricks and effectively remove the window altogether. The obvious benefit to this approach is that the vulnerability has been eliminated. The drawback is that sunlight to the basement has reduced and that the solution may not be visually appealing.

Another security solution is to install metal bars to guard the windows. Obviously, the home is better secured but it comes at the expense of making your home look like a prison.

Another option is to replace the windows with glass block windows made of shatter-resistant composite materials. This approach often enhances the appearance of the home, still allows sunlight to shine through it, obscures the ability of bad guys to look inside, and decreases the odds that predators can use this access point to enter the home.

Regardless of the basement window upgrade selected, after assessing the considerations involved, it will be a better option than leaving the original windows intact.

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