Friday, July 5, 2013

Michigan Home Defense Tip: Install Vent Locks On Double-Hung Windows For Summer-Time Security

Michigan Personal Protection Tips: Install Vent Locks On Double-Hung Windows For Summer-Time Security.

One way to improve security with Double-Hung Windows, the most prevalent type used in homes all across the country, is to install Vent Locks.

According to governmental statistics, over 2 million burglaries occur in the US every year. Of those, one-third of them are facilitated through an unlocked door or a window.

Windows, are typically opened during the hotter months to allow for cooling and ventilation of homes. The problem with opening windows is that if left unattended they serve as easy entry point for home-invaders. 

One solution is to install vent locks that only allow double-hung windows to be only opened 5 inches wide. This distance provides essential cooling and prevents bad guys from using them to get into a residence. The bracket attaches to the upper window pane and acts as a "stop" for the lower pane when the movable stud makes contact with the plate attached to the lower pane.

The vent lock is inexpensive and keeps bad guys from entering through an unattended window.

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