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The Seduction of Detroit: A Vicious Never-Ending Cycle of Promises and Dependence

The Seduction of Detroit: A Vicious Never-Ending Cycle of Promises and Dependence

Seduction is the art of swaying or corrupting an individual away from their duty or obligation. In Detroit, there is no shortage of persons or so-called leaders who have a vested interest in keeping you dependent on them for personal protection. Otherwise, you might start entertaining radical ideas like being responsible for your own safety.

You see, it is already well established that it is not the job of the government to keep you safe. That duty has been firmly established as your responsibility. However, that does not stop them from announcing a series of new measures that they promise will protect you against the practitioners of evil in our community.

Today, the newest appeal is the installation of yet another police chief who promises, like all of the others before him, to finally manage public manpower and resources to make you safe. To be perfectly honest, I believe he means well.

We've already seen the "new police chief" ploy several times in the recent past to already know how it is going to play out. We've also seen LEFT events conducted with the backing of well-meaning but clueless companies - the latest of which includes the Meijer's grocery chain along with the Goodman Acker law firm. How many times does Lucy have to pull away the football?

One harsh reality is that violent crime in Detroit is not solely a police resource allocation issue. Yes, it is true that if we had more officers on the street, response times would shrink and more bad guys would be caught. That eventuality, if realized, would not eliminate the origins of violent crime. Detroit has been so violent for so long, it is a de facto way of life.

Even if more bad guys were caught, they would be quickly returned to the streets or be given slaps on the wrist that would not discourage their return to their nefarious trade of murder, rape, robbery, and home-invasion. Until we have meaningful, far-reaching, and profound changes in our community, we will have a violent culture. The long list of what ails us is numerous: public corruption and nepotism, unqualified leadership, failed educational system, illiteracy, poor economic climate, poverty, hopelessness, and the destruction of the nuclear family.

So, excuse me, if I am not among the many people lining to anoint the new police chief as our savior. No offense against him personally but our violent crime problem is much bigger than he and I don't see things changing much unless the root causes of violent crime is addressed. Much like our public resource problem won't be fixed over-night, neither will be our violent crime problem.

In the interim, you would be derelict in your duty to protect yourself and your family, if you make the conscious decision of doing nothing differently to make you safer while awaiting the cavalry to rescue us. That mindset is not by accident; you have been seduced into dependence by those who need your quiet consent to engage in the status quo: more promises and no results.

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