Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Law Enforcement Firearm Transfers (LEFTs) Are Evil

Law Enforcement Firearm Transfers (LEFTs) Are Evil

They are not buy-backs. The government at any time never previously owned the firearms. The anti-gunners like to play games with language to confuse you.

If law enforcement could prove that they worked, they would prove it to you. They won't because they can't. Even the federal government's BJS Department say that they don't have any effect on crime.

LEOs promote these events as "clean up the street" events. They are lying to you. Jackers, rapists, and home-invaders do not sell their guns to the police.

Recovered guns are not returned to their rightful owners. Instead, they either smelt them or sell them to anti-gunners to create $1,200 cuff links to wealthy hipsters who have been misled that their purchase will help solve violent crime.

What would think about LEOs who recovered your stolen car and did not return it to you? It gets worse. What if instead of giving it back to you, they sold your SUV or mini-van to a chop shop to make money off the pieces of your property? Why should firearms be any different?

LEOs are also opportunists looking to get over on your ignorance of what firearms are worth. Do you really think that valuable firearms recovered at LEFTs are going to be scrapped?

There is no tracking and accountability in these LEFT events. Why won't they publish the description, model numbers, and serial numbers on a publicly accessible web site for people to claim their property?

The truth about these events is that they are media dog-and-pony shows to show the public that they are "trying" to fight crime. If the public knew ineffectiveness of these programs, they'd force these charlatans to resign for not only misleading the public but also for wasting public resources that could have been allocated for activities that actually work. LEOs who promote them as legitimate crime fighting tools are either clueless or are playing upon your ignorance.

Oh yeah, these LEFTs are usually only conducted in cities with an appreciable population of minorities.

LEFTs are evil.

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