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FREE Lethal Force Aftermath Seminar: What You Need to Know About Lawyers, Bail, Police, and Legal Plans

Lethal Force Aftermath: What You Need To Know About Attorneys and Legal Protection Plans

Are You Truly Ready For The Aftermath of An Armed Defensive Encounter?

The event that you hoped to never experience has arrived. A dangerous predator has targeted you and your loved ones for victimization. He is either attempting to seriously harm you, rape you, rob you, or kill you.

Luckily, you managed to survive the deadly force encounter due to your advance preparation. You bought a firearm, learned how to use it, increased your situational awareness, and acquired a Michigan Concealed Pistol License.

The bad guy and the threat that he brought to you and your loved ones have been neutralized by your armed defensive response. Have you given any consideration as to what happens next?

The Law Office of Terry Johnson and Legally Armed In Detroit are organizing a FREE seminar to inform you about everything you need to know in the aftermath of an armed self-defense encounter.

The Seminar will feature modules from a member Law Enforcement, a Bail Bondsman, an attorney, and a legal protection representative.

Topics will include but is not limited to the following
- What should you do immediately after a shooting?
- What you should expect from law enforcement when they arrive?
- What factors will determine if you will be arrested?
- If arrested, how do you get out of jail?
- Everything you need to know about the services of a bondsman.
- The conflict of interest between a bonding company and an attorney.
- How to select an attorney to represent you?
- How much money does a criminal defense case cost?
- How can you afford the cost of a criminal defense case?
- Is a legal protection plan a good option for you?
- Things to know about legal protection plans.

The Seminar is free and open to the public but advance registration is required. Seating is extremely limited.



Testimonials From The Last "Lethal Force Aftermath" Seminar
"The event was great. I personally am much more informed because of the seminar. All of the panel did a excellent job and gave really good insight." ~ Mr. Edward L. Smith

"This past Saturday's seminar was excellent..the great acting skits knowing what to say & not what to say to the police...the bail bonds information & the firearms legal protection..yes I'd rate this event 10 out of 10..all the information was very beneficial so many people have no idea what they should actually do after a self defense shooting..great event can't wait for more future projects." Mr. Derrick D. Adams

" The seminar was very informative on dealing with the aftermath of a self defense shooting. I really learned some helpful information regarding jail bondsmen, and legal protection agency. The acting was helpful also." ~ Mr. Thomas Jeter

"I thought the seminar was more than worth my time. The roleplaying of the victims going through the aftermath of a shooting was an excellent way to educate the attendees on things to expect and the consequences of being unprepared for them. Having Law Enforcement, Lawyers, and Bail Bondsmen explaining the real world situation of being a victim of violent crime and having to use force to defend oneself or another and then dealing with the situation to minimize your liability both criminally and civilly was priceless. The idea of being able to have affordable insurance to cover the substantial costs involved in defending myself in the aftermath of a violent encounter will make me sleep better at night." ~ Mr. Ron Howard

"Good seminar covering the practical and logistical aftermath of a self defense shooting. Started with an amusing skit which outlined the timeline of events prior to an incident, through the interview, arrest, arraignment, and bail arrangements. The legal and financial implications of poor decision making and "excited utterances" were laid out in a much more engaging and clear way than the standard dry, death by PowerPoint. The perspectives of each group involved, police, lawyers, bail bond people and we the armed general public were addressed and ample QA was allowed. Well worth your time even if there was a fee, if only for the contact information given, especially the best Firearm Self Defense Ins program I've seen to date. A poignant reminder or a slap to the face of the unwary that self defense doesn't begin and end with a life threatening incident. Preparation for the unthinkable does not start with strapping on iron nor end with drawing it." ~ Mr. Wong Guy

"Thanks for having a free seminar. I learned so many valuable tidbits about the law and what "Not" to do. I really enjoyed the way the material was presented. Highly entertaining and educational. Thank You." ~ Ms. Laura Tolian

" I thought that it was a great idea to use a skit that walked us through a defensive use of a firearm from start to finish and then let each contributor give their presentation. I personally did not know much about how bail bonds worked. I was also glad to have the opportunity to talk to the folks from Firearms Legal Protection. I currently have a USCCA program and I am switching to FLP because in my opinion it is a superior product. I signed up for the family plan, and no, there was no high pressure sales pitch. I had been researching the different options for a while and this FREE seminar gave me the opportunity to ask questions and get them answered. Well worth the cost of admission." ~ Mr. Jim Zinke

"Seminar was great! Very good place for questions and answers for an encounter. Rick, as normal, I wasn't disappointed. Rick had An Officer, 2 Lawyers, and 2 Bondsmen to field questions. It's amazing the difference in perspective you get depending on who you ask. Officer Joe seems super honest and down to earth. Terry and (can't remember the other name) the two lawyers were point on. The two women bondsmen seemed genuine and helpful. Lastly, I'd like to thank Rick for his time and dedication to the cause. I suggest anyone who has carries a gun to attend the next one. Not only do they offer advice, but there is an affordable insurance you can purchase as well. I purposely stayed away from that until the end because I feel Rick or Allen could explain it much better then I can. Thanks again guys!" ~ Mr. Kurt Flonta

"The donuts were great. I enjoyed the entire time from start to finish. Q&A were right on point with some really great questions being asked of all members of the panel. The only thing I would like to see expanded (I talked to Joe about this) is the psychosomatic things a person faces when put into a shoot / don't shoot situation & what the human mind / body go thru during the event of a shooting. This event was for sure a 10 / 10 - true story. It was really great to see fellow A2 supporters in our firearms community." ~ Mr. Matthew Oldt

Due to expenses to be incurred for meeting space and chair rentals, we are only asking for a $3 donation to attend!!

For more info on safe firearm handling and responsible firearm ownership, please visit our blog on the Internet: Legally Armed In Detroit at

About The Author
Rick Ector is a National Rifle Association credentialed Firearms Trainer, who provides Michigan CCW Class training in Detroit for students at his firearms school - Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit.

Ector is a recognized expert in firearm safety and has been featured extensively in the national and local media: Associated Press, UPI, Fox news, New York Times, USA Today, Bearing Arms, NRAnews, Guns Digest, Tactical-Life, The Truth About Guns, The Politics Daily, Fox News Detroit, The Detroit News, The Detroit Examiner, WJLB, WGPR, and the UrbanShooterPodcast.

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