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Ask The Michigan Firearm Instructor: How To Use Public Restrooms While Armed

Ask The Michigan Firearm Instructor: How To Use Public Restrooms While Armed

Q: Hey RIck? I had something happen to me yesterday, and I thought this would be an issue to ask a professional about. while shopping after lunch, my fast metabolism didn't allow me to make it home to relieve myself, so I was forced to do the most dreaded thing ever.......use a public restroom. I drop my pants and weapon falls onto the floor and my belt pulled out of the loops of my pants. What is used to prevent this from happening? Your input is appreciated!

A: I often tell my students that carrying a firearm will change their lifestyle in many respects. Thus, it should not be a total surprise that some forethought is needed when using a public restroom while armed.

First, the best way not to be put in this unenviable situation is to avoid it entirely. Without going into too much detail - for obvious reasons - let it suffice to say that a cup or two of coffee normally gets the job done.

Another option would be to know of few places across town, where there are "singleton" restrooms - without stalls - that also have lockable doors.

In addition, if this potential situation causes you unbearable grief, may I suggest that you carry with a holster that does not involves your waistband: ankle, belly-band, or shoulder. Obviously each method of carry has both advantages and drawbacks. For example, an ankle holster doesn't buy you any security or anonymity while sitting in a stall.

Moreover, if you still choose the carry on the waistband, there are a few suggestions to keep in mind.

Never take your firearm out of its holster. If you have a clip-on holster, you can detach the whole assembly and place it in your boot or within the seat of your drawn pants. If you are wearing shorts and sneakers, you may need another solution.

You should never ever place your gun on the floor, as a bad guy could look under your stall and swipe it.

Also, do not place your holstered gun on any surface off your body such as the commode top, the toilet roll shroud, or on any hooks on the stall door. You'd be surprised that someone could actually leave a firearm unattended in a bathroom; it happens. Don't let it happen to you.

Moreover, if you are carrying your firearm OWB, you can loop your belt through the pants and holster such that your gun will not slide off your belt while held with a little tension.

Thanks for your question. It is usually an experiential process that all gun carriers usually have to figure out on their own.

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