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Bad Personal Protection Tip: Complying During An Attack Is The Safest Response To An Attack

Bad Personal Protection Tip: Complying During An Attack Is The Safest Response To An Attack
A few days a man was brutally carjacked at a Mobil gas station near the intersection of McNichols and Telegraph, according to a news report by Fox2 News. The victim was hit in the head numerous times, body-slammed, and kicked in the head before the two assailants made off with the vehicle.
In the report, a Detroit Police Dept. officer made the following statements:
"This assault was violent in nature because the victim resisted. Had he not resisted - if he simply complied - it (the assault) would not have gone to the extent we saw (on video). Fighting back - we (Detroit Police Department) do not believe that it is the best thing to do. We recommend you to surrender the vehicle. It is the safest thing to do. Let's face it, a vehicle is not worth your life."
I respectfully disagree with the Detroit Police Department. Yes, a carjacking is a violent crime. Force was being used to deprive him (the victim) of his property, however, the threat is not to the property. The threat is to the person. The victim was hit in the head several times, body-slammed, and kicked in the head before the predators left with the aforementioned property.
The Detroit Police Department, if they are honest, will admit that even if selected victims, comply with every task asked of them by their attackers, there is no guarantee that they will not be harmed. Do a Google search on Detroit robberies to confirm my assertion.
Secondly, the spokesman for the Detroit Police Department was not completely forthcoming when he stated that complying was the safest thing for selected victims to do. In fact, compliance to armed robbers is not the safest response.
One study done by Don B. Kates Jr - The Value of Civilian Handgun Possession as a Deterrent to Crime or a Defense Against Crime - demonstrated the following injury statistics for victims based on how they reacted to being attacked:
- Victims who resisted with a firearm were injured in 17.4 percent of attacks.
- Victims who fought with a weapon other than a gun or a knife were injured in 22.2 percent of attacks.
- Victims who complied were injured in 24.7 percent of attacks.
So, the point of the aforementioned study is that complying with an attack is not the safest thing you can do. The safest thing you can do is to legally carry a firearm and be ready, willing, and able to use it. The police for whatever reason don't want to tell you that. Maybe they're scared you might do it.
Finally, doing what the police say regarding your life during an attack on your safety is your decision. It's your life. You will have to live with the consequences. There are no guarantees, even if the police imply that one exists.
If you want to comply and risk getting hurt anyway, then do so. If you want to take your chances defending yourself with a firearm and have an even better chance of not being injured versus complying, then do so. Whatever you choice you elect, make your decision without the police telling you what to do.
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