Sunday, November 16, 2014

Violent Attack: Comply or Fight Back?

Most of you are well aware that I am a Firearms, Personal Protection, and CPL Instructor. As such, some of you may take my positions on self-defense with a grain of salt - or two.
For one, I have never made any guarantees about what someone armed with a gun for personal protection can do with certainty. However, I do highlight from stories in the media what others have done. I believe that if a task - like protecting yourself - can be done by others, then you can do it too.
Of course, there is a price to be paid to be able to get it done, like any other worthwhile task. In this case, you will need training, a firearm, and practice.
Second, I want to also appeal to your sense of logic. I want you to see what the statistics say about you being able to avoid and escape injury from predators if presented with an attack.
In one study - "The Value of Civilian Handgun Possession as a Deterrent to Crime or a Defense Against Crime" by Don B. Kates Jr. - the rate of injury for victims based on their actions is the following:
- If the victim cooperates, the injury percentage is 24.7
- If the victim tries to reason with the attacker, the injury percentage is 30.7
- If the victim tries to run away or evade, the injury percentage is 34.9
- If the victim tries to get help, the injury percentage is 48.9
If you knew these stats, you could understand why some police officers or law enforcement agencies routinely suggest that citizens just capitulate when presented with an assault, robbery, or a car-jacking.
The dirty little secret is that the injury percentage for citizens who resist with a firearm is only 17.4 percent.
The safest course of action is to legally carry a firearm and defend yourself. It is completely logical and rational to carry a gun for personal protection.
Not resisting is safer than some alternatives. The big question is whether you are ready to invest money, time, and effort to significantly lower your injury odds from complying down to the significantly lower odds of fighting back with a pistol.
Stated simply, you have a 41 percent greater chance of being hurt by not resisting than defending yourself with a gun.
If you are motivated by logic, data, and facts, you will agree that citizens not wanting to be hurt should legally carry a firearm.
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