Monday, November 24, 2014

What Would Your Kid Do (If He Found An Unattended Firearm)?

What Would Your Kid Do (If He Found An Unattended Firearm)?

It's Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend - 2014. School is out and you have time off from work. Your family is bustling with activity: making travel plans, planning the big dinner, and wondering if the Lions are going to lose another nationally televised game.

Your sibling with children the same age as yours offers to babysit for a night. Your child packs a bag and goes to a sleep-over. Your child and your sibling's child play a litany of games including Hide-and-Seek. Your child looks under a bed and sees an unattended and loaded firearm. What Would Your Kid Do?

Have you even talked to your child about firearms? Maybe you don't even like guns, don't own any, and don't have any plans to buy any. Maybe you even shared your disgust with them to your child. Maybe your child is curious about firearms. Or rather, maybe your child doesn't think about them at all UNTIL he is looking at one unattended under a bed.

Your child may come across a firearm one day even if you don't own one. In short, I am suggesting that you talk to your child about guns. However, maybe you don't know much about them. Further, you might not have a clue as to how best to approach the subject. Some people think that if they talk to their kids about a topic that exchange may be enough to encourage curiosity.

Ignorance kills. Don't believe me? I read a few local stories over the last month or so about how a few young children came across unattended guns in a home. In each case, the child was injured. One, managed to kill himself.

Alternatively, you might actually be a gun owner. You bought the gun for home defense and personal protection. You may or may not have a concealed pistol license. In either case, you still are responsible for knowing firearm safety, for safeguarding your guns from unauthorized users, and being able to balance the aforementioned concerns with accessibility just in case someone dares to invade your home while you and your family are there.

If you have children. You need to talk to them about guns. You also need to do a bunch of other things. The right to keep and bear arms comes with a lot of responsibility. A big one, of course, is not allowing your child to shoot himself.

This Saturday, November 29th, we will be conducting a seminar to address the subject of guns and kids: firearm safety, firearm education, firearm storage, and firearm law. We will cover everything you need to know about being a responsible gun owning parent.

Make plans to join us. The seminar is only three hours long and only costs $29. Attendance is limited, so register early.

Parents are encouraged to also register a child to come along with them.

The program will be conducted on Saturday, Nov. 29th, 2014 at 10am at the L.A.D.S. (downtown) at address 613 Abbott Street, Detroit, MI - Plenty of free parking is available.

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