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Personal Protection Tip: You Are Not Safe

Personal Protection Tip: You Are Not Safe
As a faithful fan of AMC's hit TV series "The Walking Dead," I witnessed one of the main characters - Rick Grimes - deliver some cold and unemotional facts to his son about personal safety:

"You are not safe. No matter how many people are around or how clear the area looks. No matter what anybody says. No matter what you think. You are not safe. Don't let your guard down - ever."

That aforementioned advice best represents a mindset that people should have in their conscious minds if they truly desire to be safe in our society. An incident of violent crime can instantly appear at any time of the day in any location. That violence can be manifested in any number of ways: a violent predator, disgruntled ex-worker, an ex-lover, a stalker, a loose attacking animal, or a road rager.

You are responsible for your safety. If you are attacked, assaulted, or harmed, you can't legally blame and hold accountable some other person for your plight - including the 9-1-1 Operator or your local police department. Many people have been attacked in broad daylight in front of a crowd. Those bystanders are not required to come to your aid and most of them choose not to do so. They do not want to get involved and do not want to risk their safety to help you.

You are responsible for your safety. Do not let anybody tell you that you don't need to learn how to keep yourself and your family safe. Do not let somebody tell you that you do not need a firearm for personal protection. That is their opinion and they are entitled to it. However, you are not bound by it. In fact, many of the people who tell you not to prepare for danger are the very people who own guns: politicians, clergy, and community activists. They are elitists who believe that your life and your safety is not as important as theirs.

You are responsible for your safety. Every bit of training you have taken and all of the knowledge you have acquired on the subject of personal safety is all for naught, if you allow your yourself to be complacent and lax in your awareness and your readiness. You must always be ready. You must always be alert. You must have the ability to instinctively take action when danger appears.

You are responsible for your safety.There is a fine line between being ready and being paranoid. On any given day, somebody is going to be murdered, raped, robbed, carjacked, or home-invaded. The difference between surviving and dying could very well be the simple act of never letting your guard down wherever you may be.

You are responsible for your safety.
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