Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Firearm Safety Minute: Know How To Operate Your Firearm Safely

Firearm Safety Minute: Know How To Operate Your Firearm Safely

In a recent story it was reported that a man allegedly discharged his firearm indoors because he did not know how to safely check whether it was loaded or how to unload it.
Apparently, the firearm was pointed at a window while he pulled the trigger. The resulting discharge hit his neighbor's house.
One must always adhere to the "Big Four" rules at any time he is attempting to handle a firearm:
- Always treat a firearm as if it is loaded.
- Always keep it pointed in a safe direction.
- Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
- Always keep firearms unloaded until ready for use.
Additionally, It is a fundamental firearm rule to know how to operate your handgun safely. Adhering to that rule includes knowing how to load and unload your firearm. Every new purchased firearm will have an Operator's Guide. A handgun buyer should NOT attempt to operate the firearm without having first read the entire guide from cover to cover.
If the firearm purchaser still has questions concerning the safe operation of his firearm, he should consult the firearm manufacturer's phone support line or web site. Other resources could include knowledgeable gun shop staff, credentialled firearm instructors, or capable fellow gun owners. For the record, do not blindly trust any person whose knowledge and skill with firearm safety has not been verified.
Note: I did not overtly draw attention to the fact that user in the linked story was a prohibited person. Whereas it is true that under the law he could not legally possess a firearm, this incident is a case study of what not to do - not knowing how to safely unload your firearm. Possessing firearm while having a felony conviction is patently understood as being unlawful in many cases./

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