Monday, October 20, 2014

Personal Protection Minute: Warning Shots

Personal Protection Minute: Warning Shots

It is a bad idea to ever consider firing warning shots even in localities where it is legal. If your life is in reasonable and imminent danger of at least great bodily harm, then eliminate the threat. 

If you are unwilling to do so, then you should not carry a firearm for personal protection. Whereas lawfully using a firearm for self-defense is often a last resort tactic, the failure to do so when the threat is imminent can lead to bad consequences: warning shots, struck bystanders, stolen gun, being harmed, and etc. 

No credible Firearms Instructor will teach you to issue warning shots when your life is reasonably in imminent danger. If your life is "reasonably" in imminent danger, you either shoot the threat or do not shoot at all.

Today's tip was inspired from a news story out of WV, whereby it is alleged that a man and his wife were accosted by nine men who verbally threatened to harm them. The man, reportedly, drew his lawfully carried firearm and issued a warning shot at the sky. The nine men fled the scene. The "victim" was then arrested and charged with the crime of "Wanton Endangerment."
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