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Michigan Personal Protection Tip: How To Lessen The Odds of Being Attacked In Your Own Driveway

Michigan Personal Protection Tip: How To Lessen The Odds of Being Attacked In Your Own Driveway

Today's media headlines have informed us that a 73 year-old man was robbed and murdered in his west-side Detroit driveway. If you follow the daily newswire, you already know that these attacks are not rare. In my opinion, driveway attacks are crimes of opportunity. All it takes for these crimes to happen is the presence of a person with something worth stealing and couple of predators willing to kill to take it. Crimes of this nature can essentially happen at any hour of the day.

Unfortunately, I have first-hand experience as to how these offenses happen. Several years ago, I was robbed at gun-point in my own driveway. In my case, I was arriving home from work one day and pulled into my driveway to park my vehicle into the garage. After exiting the garage, I saw two 20-ish thugs brandish a handgun and demand the paltry few items in my possession: watch, wallet, cell phone, keys, and about $40 in cash. Luckily for me, I suffered no physical injuries but suddenly became inspired to become more involved in my personal safety.

As best as I can figure, the thugs followed me, for a spell, until I arrived home. They didn't have to follow me for a long time. All they needed to do was ride the main street and look for a dude making a turn onto a residential street. In addition, they could have alternatively been parked on my street waiting for a target to turn onto the street. In either case, if the selected target (me) does not either notice them or discounts their presence as harmless, all the constituent ingredients for a robbery, or worse, are present.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have been watching their car from my rear-view mirror as it turned behind me onto my street or I would have been watching for a parked car on my street to pull behind me at a relatively close distance. If trailing car was still following me after I got close to my house, I would have turned off and engaged in some reconnaissance before making a decision to finally go home. If I did not see the vehicle again, I would have been justified as dismissing my suspicions as being paranoia. However, if I did see the suspect car again, I would have made my way to a safe location. Unfortunately, Detroit residents can't go to their neighborhood precincts in the evening - Virtual Police Stations.

The streets of Detroit are inundated with violent predators who have no qualms about killing folks for a few measly dollars. Thus, it is paramount that you maintain a perpetual state of awareness during your every waking moment - even when you are in your vehicle during daylight.

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