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Michigan Personal Protection Tip: Be On High Alert When In Parking Lots.

Michigan Personal Protection Tips: Be On High Alert When In Parking Lots.

Today's tip was inspired by a local newcaster's on-air remarks that a Sterling Heights woman's abduction and robbery was rare and unexpected. His off-the-cuff remarks could not have been more false. Parking lots are among the most dangerous places to be in our community. As such, anyone entering one needs to be on high alert to quickly identify threats and engage in a course of action to avoid them.

To begin, when you first enter a parking lot and start looking for an open spot, you should also be surveying the immediate area looking for any suspicious looking persons or individuals milling around without a sense of direction or apparent purpose. An ideal spot would be in a well lit location that is situated close to entrance of your destination that you can pull into that does not require you to back out of when it is time for you to leave.

Once you have parked, do not delay your exit from vehicle by engaging in unnecessary and time-consuming tasks: talking on the phone, sprucing up your appearance, and hiding valuables that should have already been stashed away when you left your place of origination. Right before exiting your vehicle, take one last scan around your location for anything odd.

After leaving your vehicle, exercise awareness while walking with a sense of purpose and urgency to your destination. Wave off persons desiring to distract you or implicitly gain your permission to invade your personal space. During your visit to your venue, please refrain from buying or acquiring too many items which will take you a long time to load into your car.

When you are leaving your venue, please consider asking for an escort to safely accompany you to your car. Moreover, your gait to your vehicle should be brisk and with a sense of purpose while scanning the lot for anything in the environment that may be amiss.

Just before entering your vehicle, do another quick scan, unlock your car with your fob, toss in your packages, get into your car and lock your door immediately. Do another quick scan, start your vehicle, put it in gear, and put on your seatbelt. Safely proceed on to your final destination.

Other suggestions include, when possible, to always have a companion when venturing from your point of origination and always using valet services.

In closing, parking lots are favorite spots for violent predators to find unaware and unsuspecting people to rob, carjack, and violate. Following the aforementioned tips will lessen the odds that you are selected.

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