Monday, June 17, 2013

That Moment When... For Gun Enthusiasts

Meme: That Moment When... For Gun Enthusiasts

Today, I had some fun on my personal Facebook page. I decided to make a series of interesting moments that I personally have found to be awkward moments as a gun owner, a Concealed Pistol License holder, and a Firearms Instructor. I received a lot of positive feedback on the social media site. Check out my observations and share moments of your own in the comments.

That Moment When....

- On the firing line when everybody says, "Damn, what caliber is he shooting?"

A first-time shooter experiences the decibel level of gun-fire.

- A Firearms Instructor is asked his occupation by an anti-gun advocate.

- The person you are dating first learns you have been carrying a firearm on your dates together.

- You make it half-way to your destination and then realize that you left your firearm at home and are about to turn around and go get it.

- You hug a friend and she feels your firearm.

- Trying to figure out where to put your firearm when using a public restroom.

- The County Executive comes by and has a hissy-fit when you are legally buying firearms in the parking lot next to his LEFT event.

- One of your favorite entertainers says something stupid about guns. #Off-The-Bandwagon

- You see a locally posted, but void and unenforceable, sign attempting to ban firearms on public property.

- You tell your students not to buy High-Points and at least person present owns one.

- You are in your car - about to go into a post office - and need to discreetly disarm without "tipping off" people nearby that you are about to leave a gun in the car.

Gang Squad wants to inspect the bulge in your pants.

- A guy at the range with his laser outfitted pistol shoots the down-range ceiling. smh

- A dude in the next stall shoots your target.

- On a traffic stop when DPD takes all of your cartridges out your magazine and don't put them back in before they speed off down the street.

- You are buying a coffee and you start pulling out spare change from your pocket and there is at least one live cartridge in your hand.

- A hot cartridge casing flies up and comes down into a lady's shirt and you are hoping that she remembers to put the gun down before dislodging the casing.

- You actually see a dude shooting a pistol "Gangsta' Style." #sideways

- The cashier informs you that only their ammo can be shot on their range.

- You put your recently fired pistol back into an IWB holster too quickly. #brand

Do you have any "That Moment When" situations involving firearms? If so, please share them in a comment below!

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