Monday, April 29, 2013

Michigan Personal Protection Tip: Understand The Crime Triangle

Michigan Personal Protection Tip: Understand The Crime Triangle

Michigan Personal Protection Tip: Understanding The Crime Triangle - Three elements have to exist for a crime to occur: Desire, Ability, and Opportunity.

Desire is nothing more than a bad guy's willingness to engage in a criminal act. There is no way to look at a person to assess the thoughts that are running through his mind.

Ability represents the means by which a motivated criminal will use to conduct a criminal offense. It includes, but is not limited to, the following tools: time, patience, charm, proximity, speed, tools, and planning.

Of the three elements in the crime triangle, only one of them - Opportunity - is controllable by persons wishing to not be crime victims. It is possible to practice the art of avoidance by not putting yourself in either an environment or a set of circumstances in which an attack can happen.

Special care should be given to awareness, habits, strategies, defensive tools, and associations. By limiting your exposure to motivated criminals with your personal protection tools, you can increase your odds of not being attacked.

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