Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FAQ: While Open Carrying Am I Still Required To Disclose That I Have A CPL?

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Q: If I have a CPL and I "open carry" a handgun am I still required to tell an officer I have a CPL since I'm not conceal carrying?

A: No. Besides, if Open Carry of a firearm is done properly, it should be rather apparent that you are armed. A CPL is not required to Open Carry.

The only exception I can think of is if you are simultaneously open carrying one firearm and conceal carrying another one while you are being "stopped" by the officer. In that specific case, you legally need to disclose that you are concealed carrying and have a CPL.

If you are not "stopped" by an officer, you are not legally required to "stop" him and volunteer that you are armed.

Further, there are some nuances in the law about Open Carry that practitioners truly need to know. Sad to say, but there are a few "misinformed" officers spreading erroneous info about Open Carry, such as a person losing his right to Open Carry if he has a CPL.

Further, just to make sure that we are clear - there is no such thing as Open Carry in a vehicle. Finally, I strongly suggest you take an Open Carry Class and Google "Michigan State Police Update #86" before you take the plunge.

You are strongly encouraged to not only conduct your own independent research but to also consult with a competent and qualified attorney before acting upon any information in this article. Laws covering self-defense, lethal force, firearms, and the Michigan Concealed Pistol License and their enforcement are always subject to change due to laws being amended, politics conducted in the Prosecutor's Office, and election results at all levels of government. Ignorance of the law, legally speaking, is not a valid excuse for running afoul of it. The penalties and fines imposed upon violators of firearms related offenses are stiff and severe.

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