Friday, November 23, 2012

L.A.I.D. Fundraiser To Provide Metro-Detroit Women With FREE Shooting Lessons

Legally Armed In Detroit (L.A.I.D.) in conjunction with Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit is now taking orders for their brand new challenge coin! A limited production run of coins has been authorized. Show your support for gun rights and the gun rights activism in metro-Detroit by purchasing a challenge coin today!

Proceeds from this fundraiser will support the numerous public safety activities and initiatives of our organization. For example, in August of 2012, we conducted a "Personal Protection Awareness Weekend" whereby over 40 women received a FREE shooting lesson.

In a city where two women are sexually assaulted every day, there is a dire need to empower women to protect themselves and their children. We have stepped up our community safety activities, as a result. Please support us. Our cause is noble and sorely needed.

Once our entire run of coins have been sold, the coins will go into production and will be shipped to eager buyers. This special limited run of coins may never again be duplicated! Order your double-sided collectible coin TODAY!


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