Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Personal Protection Tips: Where Possible, Avoid Walking To Your Vehicle Alone

Personal Protection Tips: Where Possible, Avoid Walking To Your Vehicle Alone. During these perilous and dangerous times, women and senior citizens are especially vulnerable to the depredations of predators while entering parking lots and driveways.

As such, they should not walk to their vehicles alone unless it can't be avoided. When leaving home, a loved one should escort them to their cars and be available to walk them from their cars when they return.

Also, if women and seniors are at a job, church, or some other social function then a co-worker, security guard, or a group of other people leaving the facility should all go to the parking lot together. A violent crime, such as a robbery or a carjacking, can occur at any time and at any hour. There is greater safety in numbers.

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