Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Detroit Defensive Gun Use Incidents Shatter Self-Defense Myth

A commonly used justification against the lawful carry of firearms for personal protection is that the bad guys have the element of surprise when they attack. It follows from this line of reasoning that law-abiding citizens, who have guns pointed at them from within the hands of predators, will be unable to draw their own handguns to mount an effective defense.
However, as recounted in an often quoted adage "what many people know is simply not true." As proof, three distinct defensive gun use (DGU) stories that transpired in metro-Detroit within the past week, are summarized in this article. It has been proven that armed victims are capable of lawfully and successfully fighting off violent thugs, even when the bad guys produce their guns first.

To begin, Fox2 News Detroit reported last night that a man was attacked in Oak Park - a Detroit suburb - by two teens he agreed to meet for the purchase of a pair of designer eye-glasses. When the victim forked over the asking price of $500, the teens produced guns and announced a robbery. The would-be victim produced a firearm of his own and shot both robbers. The victim was not harmed. The bad guys received treatment at an area hospital and have been arrested pending criminal charges.

In addition, the Detroit Free Press reported yesterday that a 58 year-old cab driver in Detroit was forced to defend himself over the previous weekend when his fare - a 32 year-old man - announced a robbery. The cabbie, in response to a weapon being produced, drew his own firearm and shot the bad guy. The driver was not hurt, but the would-be jacker is in critical condition at a local hospital.

Moreover, Fox2 News Detroit reported on this past Tuesday that two armed bad guys announced a day-time mugging and carjacking attempt of two would-be victims in Detroit, who were making repairs to a vehicle on the street. One victim was injured when he got into a struggle with one of the bad guys for the control of the gun produced for the robbery. The other victim produced a firearm and shot both bad guys. One jacker was killed at the scene and the other fled the area. The injured victim is expected to survive.

These aforementioned accounts are significant. They prove that not only is it possible for citizens to defend themselves against the lawless but they also send a warning to the bad guys in our community. Another myth bites the dust.

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