Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wayne County Sheriff Department's Fiasco Proves Why Citizens Should Be Armed

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the fact that the Wayne County Sheriff's Department "lost" a prisoner at Harper Hospital yesterday at 12 noon. As I type this report, a full day - 24 hours - has passed and the escaped convict is still at-large.

The escapee - Willie B. Wright - is probably not your typical county jail resident of which the Sheriff's Department is responsible for warehousing and transporting everyday. Those tasks are the core function of that department. The Wayne County Sheriff's Department has the largest jail system in the state and manages an average daily population of about 2,600.

Wright was serving a "prison" sentence that could be as long as 60 years for committing several violent offenses: Rape, Assault w/Intent to Murder, and Felony Firearm. Presumably, if caught, his sentence will be lengthened due to his successful escape. His escape from a medical appointment raises several questions that the Sheriff's Department, headed by Benny Napoleon, has failed to address to the general public.

How exactly does a known violent convict, wearing shackles, and under guard by deputies escape? Make no mistake about it, Wright is a big guy; he is reported to be 6'5" in height and weighs as much as 300 pounds. That still does not explain how he managed to "struggle" with deputies and make an escape.

In layman's terms, it appears that Wright at least beat up and possibly disarmed his captors. The best reaction that Wayne County Deputies could muster was to administer pepper-spray. Exactly how many deputies were supervising him? Why wasn't the prisoner shot? Were the deputies disarmed of their firearms? Is the fear of litigation preventing our law enforcement officers from doing their jobs?

One thing is for sure - this kind of foolishness did not occur in Macomb County in a 2009 incident. In that case, a 32 year old inmate - Jamin William Totty - managed to slip out of his handcuffs during a medical appointment. Totty reportedly grabbed a syringe and threatened the safety of a Macomb County Deputy. Totty was shot and killed.

There is something terribly wrong with the Wayne County Sheriff's Department. A violent convict has escaped and presents a real danger to community. The public has not been told how exactly this fiasco happened. As far as we know, someone might escape today. What changes has Benny Napoleon made in light of his department's "epic fail?"

The best response, thus far, has been to alert the public of Wright's escape and to warn citizens that they may face charges if they help him evade recapture. Exactly how many of us are willing to help an escaped rapist and attempted murderer? The Sheriff's Dept. has lost its mind. In contrast, there has been no information published, as to how the residents can safeguard themselves against the menace posed by Wright.

Law enforcement will never tell you to own a firearm. Doing so, is an admission that they can't keep you safe, which isn't even their job anyway. That job is yours. Furthermore, as illustrated by this incident, law enforcement can't even protect you from shackled convicts who are being actively being supervised during a hospital visit. The strategy of law enforcement is to keep you dependent on them, however badly they do their job, and to buy your guns.

Don't drink the Kool-Aid. Even though this bad guy was roaming the streets, I didn't fret. I have firearms and I know how to use them to protect myself.

How about you?

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