Sunday, January 23, 2011

Detroit Michigan CCW Classes Instructor Uploads 1,650th Video To Own Youtube Channel


Detroit, Michigan – Jan. 23, 2011 – Rick Ector, a National Rifle Association (NRA) Credentialed Firearms Trainer based in Detroit Michigan, has just uploaded his 1,650th produced video to his own Youtube Channel.

From the very first time that Rick Ector has taught a Firearm Safety Training Class, he has been recording snippets from his lecture and uploading them to Youtube. Thus, it has taken him roughly four years to produce, edit, and upload 1,650 video snippets that range in length from 30 seconds to almost 10 minutes.

The content of the videos covers the gamut from basic fundamental firearm safety rules, accepted rules for using and properly storing a firearm, and how to safely and accurately hit your designated at a gun range.

Ector states that his uploaded videos are one way that he has chosen to give something back to his community. "If only one video educates just one citizen to behave more responsibly with his firearm, then this gargantuan effort would be worth it. Let's face it: All gun owners are in the same boat, as the actions of one colors the impression of the others. So, let's get educated and prove that we are responsible citizens."

Rick Ector is a National Rifle Association credentialed Firearms Trainer, who provides Michigan CCW Class training in Detroit for students at his firearms school - Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit. Ector is a recognized expert in firearm safety and has been featured extensively in the national and local media: Associated Press, UPI, NRAnews, Guns Digest, Tactical-Life, The Truth About Guns, The Politics Daily, Fox News Detroit, The Detroit News, The Detroit Examiner, WJLB, WGPR, and the UrbanShooterPodcast.

For more info about his Youtube Channel and Detroit Michigan CCW Classes, please contact:

Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit
Phone: 313.733.7404


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