Thursday, January 6, 2011

7 Questions For Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon

In the aftermath of the escape and recapture of Willie B. Wright - a convicted rapist - at Harper Hospital, there are some questions that general public would like to have answered.

Apparently, the person in charge - Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon - is not in the mood for talking much about the incident. Then it dawned on me that maybe he doesn't know what his constituents want to know.

So, I have compiled the following list of questions to aid our Sheriff in addressing our concerns. Hopefully, he's not counting on us to have short attention spans and to forget about this fiasco that was created by either the actions or inaction of his staff.

Here goes...

1. How exactly did a shackled prisoner over-power the deputies assigned to baby-sit him during a scheduled medical appointment?

2. Exactly how many deputies were assigned to supervise the shackled prisoner's medical visit?

3. Why was the shackled prisoner only pepper-sprayed instead of being shot?

4. Were the assigned deputies supervising the shackled prisoner's medical visit armed with handguns?

5. Did the prisoner ever leave the premises of the hospital and its associated underground walkways?

6. Who was responsible for clearing the premises to ensure that the escapee was not still on the premises of the hospital?

7. What immediate changes have been made to prevent this event from happening again.

Sheriff Napoleon, your constituents are patiently awaiting your response.

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