Monday, January 4, 2010

What Every Firearms Owner Should Know About Self-Defense Encounters

In light of all the chatter online about the man who allegedly chased and killed a man a few days ago in Detroit, I dusted off and climbed atop my soapbox on Twitter. Below are some "tweets" I published today in the areas of self-defense, CCW Classes, and statements to law enforcement officers:

I've been getting a lot of calls from folks with CCWs who don't know the law. Lot of shady instructors aren't sleeping well.

A firearms instructor can be held liable for his student's action if the training was grossly negligent: no legal info.

If you have a CCW and don't know the law, you should not carry your handgun outside the home.

#fact - It is a 4 year felony to give a "hook-up" CCW Certificate to a MI Gun Board as proof of training.

Carrying a handgun without knowing the law is like jumping off a cliff without a parachute.

Want an easy way to know if a CCW Class is legit? Read MI PA 381 of 2000.

#fact - A fraudulent CCW is null and void retroactive to date of issuance; legally, you don't have a permit - ticking bomb.

Being too cheap to take a real CCW Class is not worth being tried for murder.

A real CCW Class has a criminal defense attorney teaching the lethal force laws.

Don't take a CCW Class taught by a cop unless he is going to be the officer asking you questions after a shooting.

A CCW is not a James Bond 007 License! Learn and follow the law or suffer the consequences.

Making statements to the police without talking to your attorney may result in an all-expenses paid vacation.

#fact - In Detroit criminals know more about lethal force laws than fraudulent CCW carriers.

If "officer involved" shootings don't result in an immediate statement, maybe civilians should get counsel too.

If you would shop around for a good brain surgeon, you should also shop around for a legit CCW Class.

#fact - Insanity defenses rarely work and when they do, you lose your right to own a gun.

#fact - You don't get a second chance to make a first statement to the police after a shooting.

#fact - If you are not an attorney you will most likely not be able to explain the justification for your self defense case.

#fact - Even if you do everything right when defending yourself, you will still probably be arrested. SHUT UP

Railroaded: When a bad guy gets killed and the legal system has to send a message.

#fact - The police can lie to you and make promises that have no authorization to make.

How many days did it take to investigate DPD Chief Evans and two cops for shooting two guys who were approached for impeding traffic?

Bottom Line: It's some good info in this post. Each statement could be the basis of an article on its own. Which ones would you like for to blog about?

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