Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Short & Easy Handgun Quiz: Semi-Automatics Vs Revolvers

Take the following handgun quiz. Answer each question - True or False.

  1. Semi-Automatics fire faster than revolvers.
  2. Revolvers are easier to clean and maintain than semi-automatics..
  3. Semi-Automatics are deadlier than revolvers.
  4. Revolvers never jam, seize up, or fail to fire - like semi-automatics.
  5. Revolvers are easier to load and reload than semi-automatics.
  6. Unlike revolvers, semi-automatics are armed with bullets in clips.
  7. Unlike revolvers, semi-automatics can discharge more than once per single trigger pull.

How'd you do?

The answers? OK, here goes... if you answered 'TRUE' to any of these questions, you failed that question. in other words, every answer is 'FALSE.'

I love trick quizzes.

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