Monday, January 25, 2010

14 Additional Things Firearms Instructors Know

I've been a Firearms Instructor for a few years. During that period of time, I've learned a few things along the way. I shared a few of my insights in an earlier post on this blog, "14 Things Firearms Instructors Know." This posting shares a few more insights:

- Not all Firearms Instructors are gun rights activists.

- Smaller class sizes create a better learning environment for students. They are more comfortable asking questions when not crammed in a tiny room with 49 other students.

- If students don't register in advance, there is an 80% chance they will "no-show."

- 80% of my students were victims of a recent crime: burglary, home invasion, robbery, or rape.

- No one can convince or "sell" a person to take Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Class; they have to decide to do so because they want to.

- Everyone who takes a CPL Class will not apply for the actual license; the responsibility of gun ownership is not for everybody. I applaud their honesty with themselves.

- At least 20% of what you think you know about firearms is wrong.

- Even the most active gun enthusiast will learn something of value in a gun safety class.

- There is no accurate stereotype that describes all gun owners.

- Most Firearms Instructors know Firearms Law better than law enforcement officers.

- With proper instruction, it is not uncommon for a new shooter to hit the bullseye on his first shot.

- Crime is worse than you think. We hear from victims almost daily. Most stories are not broadcasted via the media and all crimes are not reported to the police.

- If you've never fired a handgun, we know that you are terrified. Relax. If we didn't believe that you could safely discharge a handgun, we wouldn't give you an opportunity to shoot.

- For many people, we are the public face of responsible gun owners. Our behavior, conduct, and actions must make a positive impact on you, so that you can also be an ambassador for others seeking your advice.

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