Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crime Prevention, Public Safety, and Personal Protection Tips

I tweeted some crime prevention, public safety, and personal protection tips on Twitter recently. For austerity, I am reprinting it here:

If the only side to a story is your account, make it good or pay a lawyer to speak for you.

If every law-abiding citizen in Detroit actively ensured the safety of his home & his business, a 38 minute DPD response would be OK.

DPD could cut its response time in half if it spent the Obama stimulus cash on arming senior citizens and single women with kids.

Imagining senior citizens with guns is like picturing them having sex: They need it but you don't want to see it.

#fact - The politician who tells you to be unarmed has armed security. Is his safety more important than yours?

#fact - The average family spends more time planning summer vacation than it does on staying safe for the year.

All it takes to rob you blind is to ring your bell and bust out a back window if you don't answer. What are going to do?

#fact - All it takes to commit a robbery is to stake out a parking lot after dark and follow a woman home.

#fact - The police won't tell you that safety is your responsibility; your dependence is their job security.

#fact - Education, jobs, business, and investment can't happen in Detroit until we handle our crime problem.

#fact - Taking your unarmed boyfriend to the store after dark means that the jackers get a 2-for-1.

#fact - 12 gauge shotguns are awesome defensive firearms, if you know how to safely operate them. I can teach you how.

#fact - In Michigan, if an invader breaks into or is in the process of breaking into your home he is presumed by law to be a threat.

#fact - Cops are still telling people to drag bodies into houses. Can you say C.S.I.?

There is a reason why there isn't a CSI Detroit TV show; DPD's crime lab got shut down because of their incompetence.

There is a reason why DPD's case closure rate is 30 percent: incompetence.

Knowing a little bit about lethal force will get you in a lot of trouble - quit talking to cops and take my CCW Class.

Do you about these concepts: Lethal Force, Transfer of Intent, Castle Doctrine, Over-Kill, & STSTT? Class is in session this Saturday.

#fact - Most indoor ranges won't let you shoot tactical pistol grip shotguns without a stock; restrictive insurance costs.

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