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Reality of our World Today: Terrorism on our Homeland

Reality of our World Today: Terrorism on our Homeland
If the 9/11 Attacks did not open your eyes, then the San Bernardino Attack should serve as confirmation that we are officially at war with dangerous and shadowy foes. Our enemies are jihadist terrorists - domestic and foreign.
Not only do we need to contend with officially organized terror groups such as Al Quaeda and ISIS but we are also under threat of attack from their sympathizers - both near and far. These purveyors of hate have sophisticated means of persuasive recruitment to their cause.
They are able to effectively brainwash a citizen in the privacy and comfort of his own home over the Internet into attacking his fellow country-men without so much as a moment's notice. Their materials, such as Inspire Magazine also instruct their recruits how to construct bombs out of ordinarily available resources, such as plumbing equipment and cooking supplies.
The type of engagement with this enemy will require a different approach than wars we have read about in history books. This war will not be fought on some distant land thousands of miles from our shores. Rather, it will be fought here in the united States of America.
We have "sleeper cells" in America. A sleeper cell is a small group of terrorists who work in tandem among themselves without direct supervisory lines drawn from supervisors on the organizational chart of hate. This arrangement enables them to work independently and under the radar from our watchful authorities until they decide to act. The San Bernardino Terrorists were not even on our radar.
Among them there are folks who might even be "born" citizens. The members of these cells could be anywhere. You probably unknowingly know one of them. He might be a neighbor in your local home owners association or be a co-worker on your job.
A troubling aspect of a jihadist - from a safety perspective - is that you can't identify him or her until he decides to act - with violence. These people lead double lives. The life that you may know is "radically" different from the other one. You might think that he is a great guy when in fact every time he sees you he is picturing how to best kill you, your family, and your neighbors.
Another different feature about this new and unconventional type of war is that our greatest asset - freedom - will be used against us. We live in a free society and have freedom of movement. Our entire country, from a terrorist's perspective, is one giant soft target. Any terrorist act, whether it involves flying aircraft in buildings or shooting up an office Christmas party, is notched as a success.
Every person on our homeland is a target. It matters not if you are an elected government official or if you operate a sandwich shop. Your status, class, race, gender, or age is not significant. The only metric that matters is that your life is viewed as potential point on a score sheet of death.
As a response to this threat, we must not give in to fear. We must not sacrifice our freedom - our strength - as a consequence to these jihadists. Rather, we should embrace our freedom and steel within our minds that we will fight. Living in a free society does not guarantee safety - it never did. Freedom is worth the risks and hazards.
We, as a nation, must embrace the fact that we are all individually responsible for our safety - wherever we may be. A change to our the mindset is now required. This mindset rejects the fear model that government officials sell to help you sleep well at night but diminishes the one quality that makes us great - freedom.
Each and every able-bodied citizen shall be in the militia - in the original sense of the word. We need to be alert, vigilant, and trained. We must be ready individually and collectively to squash acts of terror wherever it may choose to appear. Some of you may not be ready now. However, do not let your shirking of this duty be an excuse to restrict and prohibit your fellow citizens from doing so.
Our future as as a free society depends on you.
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