Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ask The Michigan Firearm Instructor: Should I Talk To The Police?

Ask The Michigan Firearm Instructor: Should I Talk To The Police?
Q: Mr. Ector, you are not going to believe this, or maybe you will. Long story short, a 'friend' that I confided in about some recent issues that I've been addressing actually contacted the Oak Park Police Department and told them about the gun purchase and the pic in addition to some of things I said in confidence and earlier today the Oak Park P.D. confiscated my handgun. 
I am supposed to contact a detective tomorrow. I am absolutely FURIOUS on so many level. Can you tell me what I should expect tomorrow and what are [my] legal options? I did NOT threaten to harm myself or anyone else, this is all on the account of some effin Facebook post! Can you please advise me on this matter?
A: I am guessing that the cops are conducting an investigation as to your statements made in confidence to your friend. Also do keep in mind that anything posted on Facebook is public and can additionally be the basis for an investigation, especially if they are also acting on information given by your "friend." For the record, any statement that you make to an investigator can and will - if possible - be used against you.
My official endorsement is for you to not speak to the police with regards to this matter without an attorney. At this late hour, it may be difficult to find a good one free to help you. However, I suggest you try calling Atty Terry Johnson to see if he can help you. Reach him at 313.421.6193.
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