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Latest Detroit Self-Defense Shooting Shows How Guns Save Lives

Latest Detroit Self-Defense Shooting Shows How Guns Save Lives
Yesterday, a local news station broadcast a story about how a 50 year old Detroit woman used her .45 ACP caliber handgun to save her own life. In the local pro self-defense community, she is rightly being hailed as a hero but you won't hear about this story in the national news media. The harrowing tale, as recounted in the aforementioned news story, shatters several myths about guns and their role in self-defense. 
Last Saturday night Paris Ainsworth noticed two men approaching her after she exited her car. They shot her four times - three times in her side and once in her non-shooting hand. Without hesitation, she returned fire. She managed to shoot one of her assailants one time in both of his legs. Her assailants got away but they were later apprehended by police at a hospital. She was quoted as saying the following, "If I wouldn't have had my gun I would be dead today."
One commonly told myth is that once a victim has been targeted for a violent crime, there is nothing that he can do about it. The unvarnished truth is that a victim, armed with a handgun, has options. Whereas it is true that citizens should maintain a continual state of awareness of their environment, however, seeing an attack materialize before your very eyes without a means of defending yourself is a moot activity. Having a gun is no guarantee of total safety but it is a chance as opposed to no chance. Without a handgun, victimization is practically assured.
Another myth is that women are not equipped to defend to themselves. It is no big secret that many predators are cowards. As such, their preferred victims are women and senior citizens. I have personally witnessed the increase of women enrolling in CPL classes to take on a more active role in their personal protection. In the city of Detroit, there have been more than a few stories in just this year alone in which trained and armed women have shot violent criminals during an attack. Moreover, sufficiently motivated and trained women are better shooters than men.
Furthermore, another myth is that only police officers are equipped to use a firearm. This premise is constantly floated by the anti-self-defense crowd despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary. The city of Detroit has already seen dozens of self-defense stories this year in which regular law-abiding citizens have lawfully used lethal force to defend themselves in Detroit without being charged by the Prosecutor. Good Americans with firearms know the law and have exercised good judgement in not ruling afoul of it.
Guns save lives. Paris Ainsworth is certain that her firearm saved her life. Enemies of self-defense and gun rights would rather have women like Ainsworth defenseless and shot dead in the street. We are empowered, as Michigan residents, to have "shall issue" CPL issuance whereby any person who meets the state's uniform requirements shall be issued a carry permit, as opposed to the discretionary policies that exist in NYC and LA.
I have never claimed that guns are the answer to everything that ails Detroit, but until those problems are solved, a firearm solves the "being imminently and reasonably attacked" problem. Learn from example that Ainsworth illustrated: Buy a pistol, get a CPL, train constantly, and be aware.

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Rick Ector is a National Rifle Association credentialed Firearms Trainer, who provides Michigan CCW Class training in Detroit for students at his firearms school - Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit.

Ector is a recognized expert in firearm safety and has been featured extensively in the national and local media: Associated Press, UPI, NRAnews, Guns Digest, Tactical-Life, The Truth About Guns, The Politics Daily, Fox News Detroit, The Detroit News, The Detroit Examiner, WJLB, WGPR, and the UrbanShooterPodcast.

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