Thursday, May 1, 2014

Are You A Second Amendment Keyboard Activist?

I have been online long enough to recognize several familiar names belonging to people who exhibit behaviors best described as complaining, moaning, and whining. They constantly rail on about how badly gun laws have strayed from the original intent of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and Article I Section VI of the Michigan Constitution.

Usually when I see such posts, I just shrug it off and keep scrolling down my timeline to find something more interesting to read. However, today, against perhaps my better judgement I am letting the comments get the better of me and will let off some steam.

Just two days ago, we had a march and rally in support of gun rights in Lansing at the State Capitol Building. Attendance was respectable but it did not get close to the overwhelming numbers we saw at last spring's march.

At that time, last year, the nation was embroiled in a showdown over gun rights at the national level in the US Senate in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre in Newtown. Further, gun rights rights activists were pushing hard for the passage of both SB59 and HB5225. Those bills if passed would have expanded conceal carry areas and eliminated handgun registrations, respectively. So, it is easy to understand how over a thousand attendees were present at that time.

My simple point is that favorable gun rights laws just don't get written and get enacted by themselves. Those outcomes require ACTION. Examples of action include showing up at marches, rallies, and demonstrations, writing and calling your legislator during announced "call to actions," and being a PAID member to a gun rights group. If you aren't doing your part, you don't have a right to complain, gripe, or moan.

Moreover, spare me the excuses about why you weren't there BUT you still chose to vent about what is getting done or not getting done about our gun laws. The date was announced far enough in advance for you to be there. Quite simply, gun rights are either important to you or they are not. If they are, you will be active and participate.

Our movement has too many keyboard activists. Either get with the program or at least do not vent publicly. The folks who usually do most of the heavy lifting will still be working for better gun laws.

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