Thursday, May 1, 2014

Does The City of Detroit Have A Justified Homicide Problem?

While I was in attendance at the "Second Amendment March" at the Michigan Capitol Building on this past Tuesday, I ran into a State Senator who represents Detroit residents. After we exchanged pleasantries, he immediately stated to me that we should talk about doing something about Detroit's "justified homicide problem."

Without hesitation, I countered by telling him that justified homicides are not a problem. I then asked him, "Why do you think that we need to focus on reducing justified homicides?" I may have caught him off guard because I did not get an immediate response.

I went on to tell him that a justified homicide only occurs when a person is faced with a reasonable and imminent threat of great bodily harm, rape, or death and that victim uses lawful self-defense which results in the death of the assailant. All shootings are investigated and vetted by the local police department and the results are submitted to the County Prosecutor to determine if criminal charges should be levied.

Detroit has already recorded roughly 12 justified homicides this year. Most of those cases involved a predator forcing himself into an occupied dwelling without permission, announcement, or notice. Under the "Castle Doctrine," the presumption - legally speaking - is that the invader of a home presents both a reasonable and imminent danger to the occupants. However, the presumption can be overcome but that burden rests with the Prosecutor.

Apparently, there are too many criminals being shot and killed while they are attacking citizens. No, I do not see justified homicides as a problem. Rather, it is a legal solution for selected victims to defend themselves and their families against danger. However, we definitely DO have a violent crime problem in Detroit and until that issue has been resolved will we then see less citizens needing to defend their families.

Some anti-self-defense activists believe that home owners should not be allowed to shoot invaders. One such person suggested to me during a live airing of a local news show that invaded citizens should attempt to guide the attackers in prayer. Moreover, this same "activist" a few days later tried to chastise the local police chief because he referred to home invaders as predators. In my opinion, they are predators and a few other choice expletives that come immediately to my mind.

The bottom line is that the political agendas of some anti-gun people have become so desperate and amoral that they now seek to absolve violent criminals for their actions. If they had their way, home owners would face prosecution for nothing more than safe-guarding their families.

In any case, the aforementioned state senator made an overture to meet with me on the subject. If it happens, I will hear him out but I doubt he'll change my mind. Coddling invading predators will never make sense to me. I'll keep you updated.

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