Friday, December 7, 2012

Buy Michigan CPL Gift Certificates For Family Members To Be Safe in 2013

Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit, Michigan's premier provider of Personal Protection Training is now selling a limited number gift certificates for the 2013 season.

Only a limited number (23) of gift certificates will be sold during this holiday shopping season. The certificates are available for purchase now through Christmas Day or until all 23 gift certificates have been sold. The certificates are valid for all of 2013.

In addition, if you buy a gift certificate now, your purchase will be discounted by $50. However, to take advantage of this offer, you will need to buy the gift certificates now through this special link:

This class is ran by none other than me - Rick Ector. False modesty aside, I am the best in the region, if not the state.I've been featured/mentioned on NRAnews, Tactical Life, UrbanShooters Podcast, Gun Digest Magazine, The Politics Daily,Let It Rip, Fox 2 News, The Detroit News, The Detroit Examiner,and shows on both WJLB and WGPR.

Don't be fooled by the pretenders. I actually bring in a professional criminal defense attorney to explain MI self-defense and lethal force laws to keep you from being railroaded from a broken criminal justice system, keep you from being sued, and to keep you informed about how to best protect yourself.

Buy Gift Certificates at this link:

The topics that will be addressed in our one-day Detroit Michigan CCW CPL Training Class are listed as the following:

A. Defensive Shooting (50 minutes)
- Three Primary Gun Safety Rules
- Ethical Responsibility
- Proper Mindset Conditioning
- States of Mental Awareness
- Intruder/Assailant Confrontations
- Intent of Shooting/Stopping Threats
- Realities of Shooting Encounters

B. Handgun Skills (180 minutes)
- Range Safety Briefing
- Rules for Using and Storing a Handgun
- General Range Safety Rules
- Defensive Accuracy
- Fundamentals of Marksmanship
- Elements of Good Shooting Positions
- Two-Handed Standing Shooting Positions
- Sight Alignment and Flash Sight Picture
- Cover versus Concealment
- The Tueller Drill
- Thirty (30) Round Target Qualification

C. Legal Topics (60+ minutes)
- Application Process
- Disqualifying Factors
- Record Expungement
- Pistol Free Zones
- Deadly Force & The Law (Case Studies)
- Castle Doctrine & the Duty to Retreat
- Michigan's New "Stand Your Ground" Laws
- Self Defense vs. Fighting
- Police Stop Encounters
- Gun Sales & Transfer of Ownership
- Possession and Transportation of Handguns
- Safety Inspection/Gun Registration
- Shooting Aftermath/Statements to Police

D. Home Safety/Violent Encounters (60 minutes)
- Personal and Home Safety Tips
- Emergency Plan for Break-in Response
- Police Arrival Considerations
- Emotional and Legal Aftermath Issues
- Safe Storage of a Handgun

E. Handgun Selection (30 minutes)
- Handgun Feature Considerations
- Revolver vs. Semi-automatic Handgun
- Handgun Ammunition Considerations
- Handgun Purchasing Considerations
- Handgun/Personal Protection Accessories

F. Sports Shooting Opportunities (20 minutes)
- Shooting Activities
- Additional Training Options

Buy Gift Certificates now at this link:

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