Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quiz: Cover Or Concealment?

In our state of Michigan compliant Concealed Pistol License (CPL) class, we teach students the difference between cover and concealment. The distinction is taught so that they know how to better protect themselves, should they be targeted for victimization.

If a citizen is attacked, his best strategy for survival is to get into motion and to increase the distance between himself and the attacker. While in motion, he needs to both access his firearm and to seek out "cover" from incoming fire from his armed attacker. Cover provides protection.

In contrast, concealment merely provides a person seeking its refuge the ability to be hidden from plain sight. A concealed person would not be protected from bullets that were discharged from a firearm towards his location.

For the following scenarios, answer whether a person would be "covered" or "concealed."

A. Standing behind bushes - Covered or Concealed?

B. Standing in shadows - Covered or Concealed?

C. Standing behind curtains - Covered or Concealed?

D. Positioned behind a couch - Covered or Concealed?

E. Sitting in an automobile - Covered or Concealed?

F. Positioned behind an automobile engine block - Covered or Concealed?

G. Standing behind a refrigerator - Covered or Concealed?

H. Behind a 6 inch thick oak door - Covered or Concealed?

I. Behind a tall bookcase full of thick textbooks - Covered or Concealed?

J. Standing behind a wide tree - Covered or Concealed?

K. Standing behind the corner of a building - Covered or Concealed?

How do you think you did? I'll post the answers in a couple of days.

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