Friday, April 2, 2010

Michigan CCW License Eligibility Quiz

Here's a quiz I created to test your Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) eligibility knowledge. I will post the answers in another post tomorrow.

The first person who elects to respond to this post with the correct answers (sent to my email address: will be allowed to enroll in my next CCW Class on Saturday, April 10th for only $99. If you wish to participate in the contest, send me an email. The deadline for submissions is 12 noon tomorrow.

Answer each question: True or False.

1. All CPL applicants must specify a need to justify having the license.

2. A self-diagnosis of feeling depressed disqualifies an applicant for a CPL.

3. All CPL applicants must be citizens of the United States.

4. The CPL applicant's criminal background check must not reveal any misdemeanor convictions.

5. The CPL applicant must not have ever had a protection order entered against him.

6. It is illegal to be taught the CPL Class in your home.

7. It is a misdemeanor crime to submit a fraudulent CPL Class Certificate to a County Gun Board.

8. All CPL applicants must appear before the County Gun Board before receiving a license.

9. It is legal for a law enforcement agency to charge CPL applicants a copying fee - not to exceed $5 - for copying expenses incurred for distributing the CPL Application.

10. It is illegal to not disclose an expunged/set aside felony conviction on the CPL application.

Good Luck!

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