Friday, April 30, 2010

Is The IHOP In Detroit On Jefferson Avenue In Violation Of Corporate Policy?

I recently did a story on my blog in which I had stated that the IHOP on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit recently implemented a Pistol-FREE Zone Policy. A person left a comment on my blog which stated that this new rule was in violation of their company policy.

So, I did a little research on the Internet and found an item from 2007 that suggested that IHOP coporate policy may differ from the rule that the Jefferson location has adopted.

So, I used the form at IHOP's Corporate Web Site to pose the following email:

Hello. I am a frequent customer of the IHOP chain in the Detroit area - the Royal Oak, MI and the downtown Detroit locations.

I am a credentialled firearms trainer who has a state of Michigan issued Concealed Pistol License. I carry a firearm wherever I can lawfully carry. In Michigan, it is lawful to either openly carry a pistol in a holster, if the person can legally possess a firearm, or carry a concealed firearm, if licensed, such as myself.

It was recently reported in a local story here in Detroit, that the IHOP location in Detroit does not allow firearms. If this info is true, I will stop patronizing your chain and advise my family, friends, and readers of my blog to also not eat at this establishment.

Will you please state your corporate policy on the lawful carry of firearms?

The story appreared at the following url:


Rick Ector

I'll let you know of their response when they reply.

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