Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Unsolicited Email From A Religious Critic

As a firearms instructor, I receive a lot of unsolicited communication from folks who do not have an interest in the services that I provide - firearms instruction. For whatever reason, they want to impart their moral judgement on what I do, as opposed to not reading my materials and attending to their life. Usually, I shrug these communications off and keep doing what I do best - teach. Well, today for whatever reason is different. Read below the unedited email I received today. I will post my response to it tomorrow.
"Training people to use pistols in a defensive way, i dunno know about that man. It's only impowering our young generation to kill each other regardless if it's for protection or not, consider what will happen now that you've train at least 10 or more people, what will happen when anger strikes them.

I am sure you've got much knowledge... and are wise in decision making, but i am 24 years old and i am telling you that had it not been for Jesus in my life i would be inquiring for information on your pistol training.

Just my thoughts, have a great day my friend!

Happy Holidays!"

(Name With-held)

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