Monday, December 22, 2008

How To Insure Your Guns Up To $1,000 For Only $35/yr Or Less!

Criminals are hard at work trying to steal your guns. Guns are their tools-in-trade for carrying out their illegal activities: murders, rapes, assaults, and robberies. Contrary to what the anti-gun forces in our society (e.g. liberal media) would have you to believe, criminals can't buy firearms at the local gun shop or at a gun show via "imaginary loop-holes."

Crooks gain access to guns on the black market. Specifically, criminals buy guns that have been stolen from their lawful owners. In fact, one of the best places for a brazen thief to steal a gun is in a parked police cruiser. A recent search on Google™ turned up the following stories:

Furthermore, despite the best efforts of many gun owners to secure their firearms, criminals also acquire sidearms via home invasions and burglaries of private residences. There was a time when securing a firearm in a safe was good enough to keep it protected. However, today's brand of burglar is not above sawing out floor boards and cutting wall studs. If a law-abiding gun owner should suffer a loss of a firearm, he should follow all applicable local and state ordinances regarding the timely reporting of the theft.

Personal protection quality handguns are not cheap. If an owner suffers a loss via a burglary, he may be set back several hundreds of dollars. Accordingly, he will be without a means of protecting himself and/or his family until a replacement can be obtained. To add further insult to injury, many homeowners insurance policies don't provide coverage for the loss or theft of firearms without an expensive rider - additional cost.

An inexpensive solution to this problem - expensive firearms insurance coverage - is to become a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). For the low cost of a one year membership, NRA members automatically receive, without additional fees, insurance coverage for the loss and/or theft of their firearms up to a limit of $1,000. Normally, a membership to the NRA costs $35. However, since I am a Membership Recruiter for the NRA, I can provide you with a link to join and save $10.

In the interest of transparency, I'll have you know that I do get rewarded for recruiting new members into the organization. The biggest benefit is bragging rights. Every quarter, the NRA publishes and distributes a newsletter to its recruiters. It's one of my goals, for now, just to be listed as one of the top 10 recuiters in the Midwest Division. However, I'll tell you this - if I didn't believe in the organization or the benefits of being a member, I wouldn't ask you to join.

I could go on and on about all of the other benefits of being a NRA member, but I won't at this time. This article's promise was to show you how to cheaply gain access to insurance for your firearms. Join today and be amazed at all of the other benefits that you will receive.

Trust me - no one has regretted joining the NRA. I am confident that you will be happy you did. How would I know? I am a life member.

Join the NRA now and save $10!

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