Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Exactly How Many Guns Does It Take To Make An Arsenal?

I consider myself to be an objective, fair-minded, and informed individual on a myriad of issues. I can appreciate a good spirited debate on a variety of topics as much as the next person. However, it truly bothers me when I read a newspaper story or watch a TV newscast that features a firearms angle with a subtle but highly biased bent. I may even agree with the over-all point of the story but I take a major issue with how guns in the story are being portrayed.

Case in point: Today I was reading the Detroit Free Press newspaper and came across a story about a gentleman who was being investigated for having elk antlers. Apparently, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources asked law enforcement to get involved.

So, the police went snooping around his house and looked into his window. They saw four long guns and got a warrant. I guess we'll find out later if the warrant was validly issued. However, an eventual search led to the discovery of a "cache of 27 guns." The over-all point of the story is that the man in question is a felon and by law can't possess guns.

I don't agree that felons should be barred from owning guns, however, that is the current law of the land. I agree that the man should have obeyed the law and not illegally possessed the guns. My issue is that the story gives the hint or the suggestion that 27 guns is a cache. Exactly, how many guns make up a cache? It's almost as if it is crazy, unusual, or perhaps even wrong to have a "large" number of guns.

Exactly who gets to decide how many guns are too much for any one person to own? I am not in the mood for divulging how many firearms I own, but I feel that I should have as many guns as I desire and can legally afford to own. I wouldn't feel that it is my duty to count how many things of one type that a certain person owns and cast dispersions on their character because of it. Can you see absurd this line of reasoning could go?

Let's say for example, a particular person likes and collect rare vehicles. Jay Leno, the TV talk show guru would be a prime example. Published media reports have stated that Leno owns about 80 vintage automobiles, 80 collectible motorcycles, and an antique fire truck in his 17,000 square foot garage. Who is anyone to say that he owns too many? Exactly! No one. If he has the money and the space - he can own however many he wants.

Don't bother Jay Leno about his cars. While you are at it, don't bother law-abiding gun owners about how many guns they have either.

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