Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why Pay A Crook For The Privilege of Breaking The Michigan CPL Law?

I just got off the telephone with a person who had a few questions about my Michigan CCW/CPL Class. Apparently, the amount of time to attend the class (8 hours) and the cost of the class ($150) was way more than the figure she was quoted from a charlatan operating in the firearms training industry.

This person was hoping that I would at least match the figures that the con artist was quoting. You see, the guy she had previously talked to, before calling me, was hoping to come over to her house with only a few hours notice and "talk" with her in the living room for an hour or two. She also said that she might have to watch a very short but entertaining DVD video as extra training. Her quoted price for this "personalized" service was ONLY $75.

In response to her investigatory research, I told her that there was no way that I could match the quote that she was given. I also told her that the guy she was talking to was a con artist. Sure, he might have official firearms training certifications, but nevertheless he was running an illegal scam.

Usually, when a person hears something that sounds like it is too good to be true, bells and alarms go off in a prospect's head. Apparently, this was not the case here. Furthermore, I explained to her that it was a felony to teach in this manner and that it was a felony to submit a certificate from a class like this to a County Gun Board. You know, nothing turns off a prospective student like telling them that what they are considering is felonious behavior.

Somehow, as I got a little agitated while explaining to her how irresponsible it would be to get a Michigan Concealed Pistol License without even knowing how to shoot a handgun - let alone not knowing what the law says about carrying a handgun - she still didn't hang up on me.

At one point, I verbally "threw up my hands" and just asked her bluntly, "Why pay a crook for the privilege of breaking the law?" She was stunned, as she didn't know what I meant. I explained to her that if she really wanted to make a mockery of the CPL licensing system she didn't need pay for the privilege.

State of Michigan law does not describe or mandate what the class completion certificate has to look like. It can be of any size or color. All jokes aside, the certificate could be consisted of toilet paper with markings in crayon, as long as the bare minimum of statutorily required info is on it. All she needed to do is "make up" a certificate of her own original design and submit. In the process she would be saving herself the $75 the con artist was going to charge her.

Surprisingly enough, this "solution" was a little too illegal for her to consider. She'd rather pay some money to somebody for the right to commit a felony. I am floored.

Need I mention that she didn't want to sign up for my legit class? Don't worry about it; I don't need her business.

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